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How to Stop Your Testosterone Therapy

Stopping Testosterone Therapy

Testosterone therapy for men is a safe and effective way to return men who are suffering from low testosterone to more normal testosterone levels, so that they can enjoy a better quality of life.

Testosterone therapy can improve strength, stamina, mental acuity, and sexual performance. But what happens once you have completed a course of testosterone therapy, and your testosterone levels have been returned to normal? In other words, what happens when you stop testosterone therapy?

Stopping Testosterone Therapy

Testosterone therapy can have many life changing benefits for men. But what you have to understand is that the goal of testosterone therapy is not for it to go on forever, but to work with your individual needs, to devise a customized treatment plan. Our testosterone doctors will formulate your testosterone replacement program with just the right dose, to be given over just the right amount of time, to maximize your individual results.

Once we have returned your testosterone level to what is optimal for your needs and lifestyle, our staff of professionals will work with you, to safely stop your testosterone therapy, and develop a regimen of fitness, diet and lifestyle changes that will help you to maintain what you have achieved at the end of your testosterone replacement program.

What Happens When I Stop Testosterone Therapy?

When you have completed your program of testosterone therapy, and it is time to stop taking your testosterone injections, you will undoubtedly notice significant changes, from when you started your testosterone therapy.

One of the first, and most satisfying benefits reported by most men who have completed their testosterone therapy is an increased sex drive and improved sexual performance. Besides improving your love life, some of the other benefits of testosterone therapy for men include:

  • An increased ability to build lean muscle and increased muscle mass – This is often also accompanied by fat loss, because testosterone not only improves your ability to burn fat, but, as you build more muscle mass, your metabolism heats up even further.
  • Increased energy levels – Another primary complaint of men with low testosterone is low energy, or chronic fatigue. Testosterone therapy improves your cell’s ability to turn calories into energy.
  • Improved moods and cognition – Testosterone therapy also helps to return men to a more even emotional keel, and can also fight depression, anxiety and other mood swings. Testosterone therapy can also help to improve memory, focus, and your ability to complete complex cognitive tasks.

What Happens When I Stop Testosterone Therapy?

Once you have achieved the above benefits, we will help you to use your increased strength, energy and motivation, to help you to keep your testosterone levels where they should be, even once you stop testosterone therapy.

After you have stopped taking testosterone some of the lifestyle changes you should make to avoid a subsequent drop in your testosterone levels are:

  • Getting regular exercise
  • Getting enough sleep (7 – 9 hours)
  • Eating a healthy and nutritious diet
  • Reducing stress
  • Reducing consumption of alcohol

After you stop testosterone therapy, you will likely also be put on a regimen of vitamins and nutritional supplements designed to stimulate your body to increase your natural testosterone output.

Is It Dangerous to Stop Testosterone Therapy?

It is possible that you may have heard some horror stories regarding withdrawal symptoms from stopping testosterone replacement, or serious side effects that can happen once you stop taking testosterone. Most of these stories are rumors, and the results of misinformation, and people who have misused or abused testosterone. It is true that your body can have withdrawal-like symptoms once you stop taking testosterone. However, such negative impacts of stopping testosterone almost always occur when you stop suddenly, without your doctor’s authorization. It is not a good idea under any circumstances to take testosterone without appropriate medical supervision and regular monitoring, nor to stop “cold turkey.”

Is It Dangerous to Stop Testosterone Therapy?

This is why who you get your testosterone therapy from makes a big difference. At our testosterone replacement centers, you will be working with doctors and a support staff who have decades or experience in applying modern, state-of-the-art techniques to testosterone replacement. You will be completely monitored during the entire course of your testosterone replacement program.

When it becomes time to stop taking your testosterone therapy, it will be done slowly and with complete medical supervision, so that any possible side effects of stopping testosterone therapy will be kept at an absolute minimum.

How to Start Testosterone Therapy for Men

So now that you know how to safely stop testosterone therapy, are you ready to start?

If you want to achieve the many benefits of testosterone therapy, you must find an experienced doctor who specializes in testosterone treatments for men. He or she will discuss your symptoms, take a complete medical history, and then have your testosterone levels checked.

A blood test is the most accurate way to determine your testosterone level. If your testosterone blood test reveals that your testosterone level is indeed low, you will be given a prescription for testosterone therapy.

How to Start Testosterone Therapy for Men

Authentic testosterone therapy can only be obtained by a doctor’s prescription. Products that you may see in fitness magazines or online, or in health food stores, that claim to be “testosterone supplements,” cannot, by federal law, contain any testosterone. These products are usually combinations of proteins and amino acids, and they may be helpful adjuncts to your testosterone therapy, but they, in and of themselves, are not testosterone therapy.

While any doctor can write your prescription for testosterone therapy, it is best to seek your testosterone treatment from a practitioner, or clinic that specializes in hormone replacement therapy (HRT) for men. Testosterone is not the only critical hormone that declines as you age. If you are suffering from the symptoms of low testosterone, chances are you may have a growth hormone deficiency as well.

All hormones work together to keep your body running at its best. A doctor who specializes in HRT for men, will be able to evaluate all of your other hormones, and be able to suggest and prescribe additional treatments such as growth hormone therapy, to keep you going at peak performance!

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