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Will Heath Insurance Cover Low Testosterone Therapy?

Will Heath Insurance Cover Low Testosterone Therapy?

We understand that when considering any medical procedure cost is a concern for patients. The cost of testosterone therapy is no exception. Managing the costs of testosterone replacement therapy is made even a bit more complicated than other procedures, because there is some confusion when it comes to the question of, “is testosterone therapy covered by health insurance.”

Since the FDA has approved the use of testosterone therapy for the treatment of low testosterone also known as Low-T, if you have adequate medical insurance, there is a good chance that all or part of your testosterone therapy may be covered by your healthcare plan.

Is There Medical Insurance for Testosterone Therapy?

If you have health insurance, there is a very good chance that it may pay for all or part of your testosterone therapy. Prescription testosterone therapy is approved by the FDA, and with a legitimate diagnosis of low testosterone, depending on your health insurance provider, you may be covered for your low testosterone treatments.

However, as with insurance reimbursements for any prescription or medical procedure, coverage for testosterone therapy varies from provider to provider, so it is best that you check with your insurance company, to see if your particular plan provides any coverage for low testosterone treatment.

Even if you do have to pay entirely out of pocket for your low testosterone treatment, there may be ways that you can work with your testosterone doctor, to keep the costs of your low-T treatment down. However, if you are suffering from low-T, when you consider the “cost,” of not having testosterone replacement therapy, you will realize that you should not let the cost of testosterone be the deciding factor in choosing to take it or not.

What Is the Cost of Not Treating Low Testosterone?

If you are considering testosterone replacement therapy, it is impossible to have a discussion about the cost of testosterone treatments, without taking into account the “cost” of NOT filling your prescription for testosterone replacement. When considering the costs of a prescription for testosterone replacement, what you really need to do, is weigh the benefits of testosterone replacement therapy against the out-of-pocket expense.  When you do that kind of cost vs benefit analysis, testosterone replacement therapy almost always comes out to be a worthwhile investment in your health and improved quality of life.

What Is the Cost of Not Treating Low Testosterone?

The “costs” of not having testosterone therapy, go beyond the “costs,” to your health. In the long run, it may cost you more money not to have testosterone therapy. If you think of all of the negative conditions that T-therapy can prevent or reverse, such as: high cholesterol, diabetes, and heart disease – and how much money you would spend on doctor’s visits and medications to treat these conditions, you can easily see how testosterone replacement can actually save you money in the long run!

What Should Be Included in the Cost of Your Testosterone Therapy?

Another import consideration when evaluating the costs of your low testosterone treatment, is that you must take into account exactly what is included in a price that you may have been quoted for testosterone replacement.

Does the price for testosterone treatment include other aspects of your testosterone therapy beyond just the cost of your testosterone prescription, such as blood tests, follow-up doctor’s visits, and perhaps some additional nutritional supplements? Make sure when you get a quote for the monthly fee for low testosterone treatments, you know what else is included, and exactly what you are getting.

What Should Be Included in the Cost of Your Testosterone Therapy?

Are There Ways to Save Money on Low Testosterone Treatments?

If you do not have health insurance, or your health plan denies your claim for testosterone replacement, there may be other ways that you can save on the cost of low testosterone treatments. Most of the pharmaceutical companies that produce the name brands of testosterone, offer discount programs for patients who need a prescription for testosterone, but do not have health insurance. These companies also often will advocate on your behalf if your health insurer has denied coverage for low testosterone treatment.

You will also find that the cost of filling your prescription for testosterone therapy will vary from pharmacy to pharmacy. While it is true that you cannot buy testosterone online without a doctor’s prescription, with a prescription for testosterone therapy, you may be able to save money on testosterone injections, or testosterone gel packs, by using a discount online pharmacy.

Beyond that, our doctors will always try to work with you to keep your low testosterone treatments within your needs and budget. Your doctor will start out with the lowest dose of testosterone that he or she believes will be effective for you. Beyond that, as part of your low testosterone treatment regimen, you will be introduced to diet, fitness and other lifestyle changes, all designed to help naturally raise, and maintain a healthier level of testosterone in your blood.  

The bottom line is this: if you feel you need to have testosterone replacement therapy, do not ignore your symptoms because you think you cannot afford low testosterone treatment!

Contact us today, and find out more about the real costs of treating low testosterone, and how we may be able to help you afford the many life changing benefits of testosterone replacement therapy.

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