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Do I have Low Testosterone?

Many people are very surprised to learn how many of their body’s systems are affected by their testosterone level. It is a vitally important hormone for both men and women. The first and most obvious attribute that most people think of is their sex drive, or libido, but actually testosterone’s effect is much more far reaching than most people realize.  First of all, look at your over all energy level. Do you feel like your “get up and go” got up and went? Yes, it is a funny thing to say, but there is an element of truth in it. Most people with low energy and fatigue never think to look into their hormone levels and particularly at their testosterone levels. Next take a look at your mental acuity. How clear is your thinking? How quick is your decision making? Even if you have always been a deliberator, not inclined to make snap decisions, you may wonder at the reasons for your mental sluggishness. Many times people might blame these feelings on their diet or ability to sleep, but actually these things are also tied to your healthy testosterone levels. Speaking of diet and its twin brother, exercise, your energy level is tied to these activities and thus influenced by your testosterone level. With low testosterone levels, you will usually find the pounds adding up and the muscle tone seriously lacking. So the only real way to find out the answer to that question: Do I have Low Testosterone? is with a professional evaluation by doctors who specialize in low testosterone treatment and test for low free and total testosterone levels.

Signs and Symptoms of Low Testosterone Levels

First, let’s define the difference between a “sign” and a “symptom.”  A sign is something that is measurable, like the results of a laboratory blood test. A symptom is something that is not measurable, like fatigue or low energy. You might be able to assign a value like on a scale of 1 to 10 in comparison to how you have felt in the past, but a doctor cannot give a quantitative value to a symptom. So the most conclusive signs of low testosterone can only be determine by a blood test. Free and Total Testosterone is measured in nanograms per deciliter (ng/dL). The total testosterone is the sum of all testosterone circulating and bound to receptors in your body. The free testosterone measurement is made up of the testosterone that is not yet bound to a receptor site. When this figure is high, it is an indicator that something is wrong in the body, and further examination should be done. When our local doctors examine your blood, they are usually looking at your total testosterone level. When you were in your twenties, chances are good that this number was in the neighborhood of 1,000 ng/dL. You probably felt great, full of energy, sharp as a tack, great sex drive, and healthy weight and muscle tone. Since this value drops every year after the age of 25, then by the time you reach your mid-thirties, you are probably experiencing some symptoms of low testosterone. Since our labs only report the range of testosterone values among those patients they test, we find that the typical treatment-seeking population has a testosterone level in the range of 280-900 ng/dL. You can be sure that those people in the lower end of that range are experiencing some rather uncomfortable symptoms. The ranges for women are much lower and must be evaluated on a different scale.

Benefits of Injectable Testosterone Therapy

With your first testosterone injection, you will probably notice a little boost in energy and perhaps a nice deep sleep. You take testosterone cypionate injections on a weekly basis, and the body absorbs the testosterone over the seven days until the next injection. If you are prescribed a different form of testosterone, that is testosterone proprionate or testosterone enanthate, the protocol will be different as determined by our local doctor. Over the first couple of months, you will notice the most celebrated of all the benefits of injectable testosterone therapy: the return of your sex drive. We want to clarify that this isn’t the same as taking a prescription medication for erectile dysfunction (such as Viagra or Cialis). It is similar to the way you felt in your late teens or twenties. Some men (and women using testosterone cream or gel) describe it as a hunger for intimacy, like remembering something they use to really enjoy as a vital part of life but had long forgotten about. Men also report the return of the morning erection and welcome it like the discovery of a long lost friend.

Other benefits, of course, include the trimming and toning of the physique. With adequate testosterone levels in the body, you will find that you have the energy to work out more. Eating healthy is easier, too. Sharper mental focus and the ability to think on your feet actually is the greatest feeling of turning back the clock. These all lead up to the feeling of greatly improved self esteem and self worth. You find you are walking a little taller and holding your head a little higher. Life is good again!

How to Increase Testosterone Levels

It all starts here! The doctors of Kingsberg Medical have gone to great lengths to engineer a program to restore your testosterone levels as quickly as possible, while keeping your body safe. Most important, they also include Post Therapy which will encourage your body to produce testosterone on its own. Many times when your family doctor agrees to give you injectable testosterone for your Low T condition, he or she doesn’t know the importance of helping your body stay safe and improve its own ability to produce testosterone when your injections have concluded. Your testosterone replacement program will be specifically tailored to your needs. We want to make sure that you feel great again, and more importantly, we want to be sure that many of the debilitating problems mentioned throughout this website are no longer an issue.

Reviews from our Patients

Forest K. in Milwaukee WI called in to say:

It was my mind I missed the most. I don’t know if this is what dementia patients experience or not, but I really felt like I was losing it. I use to be the most quick-witted guy I know. I work in radio so having this ability to come back with the snappy retort was an important part of my career. I actually began feeling like I had a veil between me and the world where I could really perceive what was going on. It was crazy. My wife was the one who was really worried about me. She started looking up symptoms and diseases on the Internet, and finally found Kingsberg Medical. Based on the information they have on this website, I scheduled a blood test and physical to get checked for a low T level. Indeed, I did have low testosterone, and the doctor prescribed testosterone injections right away. I was glad they came directly to my house in just a few days, and I got started on the treatment. The first shot made me feel more energetic – in a nice way – not in a “I’ve had too much coffee” way. After I had been on the testosterone therapy about two months, I had to host a fundraiser with a few thousand people in attendance. Well, that was amazing. I’m expecting the Oscar committee to be calling soon … I was that good! Thanks to Kingsberg Medical … and thanks to my wife!

Barry C. in Washington DC writes:

I’ve been athletic my entire life, and I am proud that I have been able to excel in my chosen sports without any kind of chemical or added compounds. I was good because of an excellent diet and training routine – and great coaches along the way. When I hit 40, however, things started to change. It was hard to explain it, but I just felt like I was losing my edge. I wasn’t sick, but I wasn’t healthy either. I went to my physician and got checked out for all the normal stuff, and then I asked him to check for the serious stuff. Did I have cancer or something developing slowly? Everything came back normal. I was the picture of health. Then why didn’t I feel right? I talked to my coach, who is in his 60s, and he suggested that I get a test for Low T. He explained that he started Low T treatment a few years ago and has never felt better. He recommended Kingsberg Medical as the most intelligent and conscientious clinic around.  They sent me for blood tests – many more things that my doctor never even thought to check. Sure enough – my free and total testosterone levels were off-the-chart low. It was amazing that I functioned as well as I did – a testimony to my will power I’m sure. The doctor prescribed testosterone cypionate injections along with some other medications that help my body make more of its own testosterone. I’m still a young guy – I don’t want to give up on my body’s ability to make its own testosterone again. I just needed the right stimulus to get the ball rolling again. Well, I am definitely back in the saddle. I feel great!

Charlotte G. in Las Vegas NV left the following voice mail:

I have said goodbye to menopause symptoms. Unbelievable is all I can say. The hot flashes, roller coaster mood swings and sleepless nights were really ruining my life. I’m grateful, happy, ecstatic that I found out about testosterone gel (which I like better than the cream) and what it did to balance out my hormone levels. I actually feel like a human being again – and not someone with latent homicidal tendencies. Women who have been there will understand what I mean and laugh at that last comment. Thank you Kingsberg Medical.

John A. in Louisville KY writes:

I figured that I could deal with my weight problem on my own, but a visit to my regular doctor was alarming. He said my blood pressure and cholesterol were a real problem and that I needed to really get to work on trimming down. I did a little Internet searching when I got home and found a bunch of stories (kinda like the one I’m writing now) about how men were low on testosterone, and taking the injectable testosterone helped them get back to a healthy weight. Well, I just wanted to tell you it works, but then you already knew that, didn’t you?

Daniel Y. in Portland OR writes:

I just wanted to drop a quick email to tell you how great I feel. I found out about Low T on a talk show – some celebrity was talking about taking the Low T shots. He made it seem like no big deal – just part of taking care of yourself as you get older. I can’t even begin to express how grateful I am or how much better my life is. Thanks!

Frequently Asked Questions

Marty M. in Oklahoma City OK – Can you tell me where to get injectable testosterone?

It is most important for you to be sure that your testosterone injections are supplied by a license pharmacy located on US soil. This is the only way to be sure that your testosterone treatment program is safe and effective. There are many websites offering faster and cheaper testosterone, but these can be dangerous and ineffective. With Kingsberg Medical, you never have to worry about the quality of testosterone you are receiving.

Albert W. in Tucson AZ – Where can I get a doctor to test my testosterone level?

When you complete the contact form at the top of this page (or simply call the toll-free number), one of our clinical specialists will arrange the lab appointment for your blood test, along with your physical exam. These are necessary for our local doctor to test your testosterone level.

Brian B. in Atlanta GA – How do I get a prescription for testosterone injections?

To get injectable testosterone by prescription, complete the contact form at the top of this page. One of our clinical specialist will contact you at once to schedule the necessary appointments for lab work and a physical exam.

Wanda P. in Albuquerque NM – How much does testosterone treatment cost?

The cost of testosterone treatment is different for everyone. The therapy prescribed by our local doctor will be based on your individual situation, for example, your age, weight, height and level of deficiency will all be use to determine your treatment program.

Elgin R. in Kansas City MO – Can you tell me how to get testosterone injections from my doctor?

It’s always best to be treated by doctors who specialize in testosterone replacement therapy. They are extensively educated and experienced in testing and evaluating patients to determine if you qualify for testosterone injections by prescription only.

Philip B. in Fresno CA – Why is it better to go to Kingsberg Medical than my primary care physician?

It is actually best if you use both doctors for the areas of treatment in which they specialize. Your primary doctor knows your history and any conditions you may currently have. Kingsberg Medical’s doctors specialize in hormone replacement therapy (HRT). Together your doctors can work toward bringing you to the best possible state of health and well-being.

Charles T. in Mesa AZ – How can I see a doctor to get testosterone injections prescribed for me?

Start by contacting one of our clinical specialists to arrange the appointments. You will need blood tests and a physical exam, and we will be happy to schedule those for you to speed along the process. Rest assured – no travel is necessary as our labs are located in practically every city in the US. Your physical exam can be electronically supervised by our hormone therapy doctors.

Theresa B. in Sacramento CA – How can I get tested for Low T?

It all starts with the contact form at the top of this page, or you can simply give us a call at the toll-free number. To speed up the process, you can go ahead and complete the Medical History Form since our local doctor will need that to complete your chart. Your personal clinical specialist will arrange for your laboratory blood test and physical exam.

Helen M. in Long Beach CA – Should I combine testosterone and HGH treatment?

This is a decision which should only be made after being evaluated by our local doctors to determine exactly what your body needs in Hormone Replacement Therapy. If the doctor finds that you have low IGF-1 levels indicating a low HGH production and low testosterone levels (which is common in women as well as men), then you may be prescribed both HGH injections and testosterone cream or gel. Take note – the synergistic effects of using both of these medications together is nothing short of amazing. Each medication enhances the effect of the other enabling you to return to a state of well-being much more quickly than with either one alone.

Gene T. in Omaha NE – What is the difference between the different kinds of testosterone?

The three types of testosterone usually prescribed by Kingsberg Medical’s doctors are testosterone cypionate, testosterone propionate, and testosterone enanthate. It is also possible that our local doctor may prescribe a blend of any two or three of these types of testosterone based on your specific needs.

Michael C. in Virginia Beach VA – Does your pharmacy provide the best brands of testosterone?

The state-of-the-art pharmacies affiliated with Kingsberg Medical offers several options so that our local doctors can prescribe the best possible testosterone treatment plan. While the best brands of testosterone are available, they also compound testosterone for specific needs, which means that you would have the cost savings of a generic testosterone while still having all the quality of a brand name.

Samuel L. in Miami FL – I’m over 80 years old. Are testosterone injections safe for someone my age?

Age is only one of the factors evaluated by our local doctors who prescribe testosterone injections. They will also need to evaluate your blood tests, physical exam and medical history report to see if you qualify for treatment. However, Samuel, it is never too late to start feeling great!

Umberto L. in Cleveland OH – What causes low T in men?

The aging process contributes the most to Low T levels in men, but our lifestyle doesn’t help much. The standard American diet (abbreviated SAD) doesn’t support healthy functions in the body’s more subtle systems, and high-stress ways of living cause even more damage.

Todd N. in Oakland CA – Do testosterone shots hurt?

Testosterone injections are taken intra-muscular, so you will feel it. Your clinical specialist will instruct you with specific videos showing you exactly where to take the injection (and more importantly, where to avoid) and even stay on the phone to walk you through your first injection. The process really is quite simple, and once you’ve done it, you’ll be surprised at how easy it is. Your clinical supervisor will instruct you in techniques which lessen the possibility of any discomfort.

Bob K. in Raleigh NC – How can I get injectable testosterone legally?

The only way to get Injectable Testosterone legally is by doctor’s prescription and from a licensed pharmacy in the US.  We implore you to never take testosterone injections obtained outside of these parameters.

Thomas K. in Colorado Springs CO – Where can you get doctor prescribed testosterone?

our local doctors here at Kingsberg Medical prescribe testosterone replacement therapy for those with a verified deficiency in testosterone. Contact a clinical specialist to set up a blood test and physical exam to get started.

Peter M. in Tulsa OK – Can you tell me where to get Testosterone injections?

Of course! The process starts right here. Simply complete the contact form at the top of this page (or call the toll free number), and one of our clinical specialist will explain the procedure required to determine if you have a Low T level and qualify for a doctor’s prescription for testosterone injections.

Molly H. in Minneapolis MN – I’ve lost a lot of extra weight, but I still have more to go. Should I try testosterone cream?

Testosterone cream or gel cannot be prescribed for weight loss. It is only prescribed for those who have a low testosterone level showing a definite deficiency (as verified by a blood test and physical exam, with your medical history report). If you do have Low T, then when you increase low testosterone levels, you will find a wonderful return of your long lost energy levels and sex drive, along with an overall feeling of well-being and health.

Heather G. in Arlington TX – Menopause is about to kill me … or cause me to kill someone else. Will testosterone really help?

Women’s hormones require a very delicate balance. If any one of those hormones goes off, then emotional roller coasters, hot flashes, and a number of other symptoms result. Start with a simple blood test to determine your hormone levels, and our local doctors can evaluate your situation to see if testosterone cream or gel is right for you.

Andreas O. in Honolulu HI – Do I have to go to your clinic in person to get a prescription for testosterone injections?

We understand that travelling long distances to obtain quality medical care can be quite a burden on some of our patients. Our local doctors are able to supervise your physical exam electronically, and based on those results along with your laboratory blood work and medical history form, they can determine if you have low testosterone levels. The bottom line is improved care for you, the patient. You have our local doctor who specializes in testosterone replacement treatment managing this specialized area of your well-being, plus your primary care doctor monitoring any other conditions which may be present.

William L. in Wichita KS – Which is better for improving my sex drive … HGH or testosterone?

You will see faster results in that area with testosterone replacement therapy, however, if you have low testosterone along with low HGH levels, then your overall health will improve more as you replace them both. The synergistic effect of using them together allows your body to improve in overall health and well-being. This of course benefits your sex drive as well as the other systems in the body.

We look forward to hearing from you here at Kingsberg Medical. Your well-being are our mission and our passion. Give us a call at 877-321-8885, or simply complete the quick contact form above.