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Testosterone Can Be Vital to Peak Performance at Any Age

  • Testosterone is the most critical male hormone.
  • Testosterone levels decline as you age, resulting in low testosterone or Low-T.
  • Testosterone replacement therapy can reverse many of the most debilitating symptoms of low testosterone.
Testosterone Vital to Peak Performance at Any Age

Male hormones are known as androgens, and testosterone is the most important of the androgens. Testosterone is mainly produced by the testes. Testosterone is needed to:

  • Build and maintain strong and healthy bones
  • Regulate metabolism and help to burn fat and prevent obesity
  • Build muscle mass and stay fit and well-toned
  • Maximize the results of exercise
  • Have a healthy and happy sex life
  • Keep men fertile by stimulating sperm production
  • Maintain proper sleeping patterns

Testosterone is vital to peak performance at any and every stage of a man’s life. In fact, did you know that we all start out as females? Testosterone production actually begins in the womb, and it is what stimulates a developing fetus with XY chromosomes to develop into a male.

Testosterone production continues in male children, but increases significantly at the time of puberty. The significant testosterone release that occurs in male teens, is largely responsible for the sex organs maturing, the development of a sex drive, and the other characteristics we consider typically “male,” such as the development of facial and body hair, bigger muscles and a deeper voice.

Testosterone Declines As You Age

In males, testosterone production begins even before birth, and continues through the teen years, until it reaches its peak production at about the age of 19. Most men will maintain this peak level of testosterone through their 20s. But, once you are over 30, and definitely by the age of 35, your testosterone level will begin to steadily decline.

Without doing anything to intervene, by the time you reach 60, your testosterone level will likely be as much as half of what it was at your peak. However, most men start to feel the impact of declining testosterone long before they reach that age.

“While testosterone is critical throughout a man’s life, it is an unfortunate fact that your ability to produce testosterone decreases the older you get.”

In fact, it is not uncommon for the early signs of low testosterone, also known as “Low-T” to occur in men in their thirties. If you have Low-T you may experience:

Testosterone Declines As You Age

  • A decrease in sexual desire and ability to perform sexually.
  • A lack of energy and overall feeling of fatigue and melancholy.
  • Mood changes, particularly increased anger or aggression. You may also feel depressed or anxious more often.
  • Exercise resistance, a loss of ability to build muscle even when working out regular  
  • Weight gain particularly around the abdomen.
  • Memory loss, problems staying on task, and other cognitive issues.

Testosterone Replacement Therapy

Testosterone replacement therapy, sometimes referred to as “T-therapy,” is a safe and effective way to bring your testosterone levels back to where they are best for you.

There are several brands of, and several different ways to take prescription testosterone.

T Therapy

“Testosterone therapy is only available with a doctor’s prescription, and only once you have been properly tested and diagnosed with low testosterone.”

You and your physician will decide what type of testosterone therapy program is best for your needs and lifestyle, however, generally speaking, most practitioners believe that testosterone injections are the safest and most effective form of testosterone replacement therapy.

The many proven benefits of testosterone therapy include:

  • Improving heart health and lowering your risk of cardiovascular disease
  • Building strong bones and helping to prevent the onset of age-related osteoporosis
  • Boosting your ability to burn fat
  • Increasing your ability build lean muscle
  • Increasing strength and stamina
  • Improving mood, reducing feelings of dread and negativity
  • Improving sleep
  • Improving focus and cognition

In addition to the list above, testosterone therapy is an effective treatment for men who are experiencing erectile dysfunction (ED) or other “problems in the bedroom.”

Sexual difficulties in men over 35 are usually related to low testosterone. Testosterone replacement therapy, has been shown successfully help men maintain a healthy and enjoyable sex life.

“Most practitioners believe that testosterone injections are the safest and most effective form of testosterone replacement therapy.”

Another benefit that men who have had testosterone therapy really appreciate is the positive impact it has on their ability to concentrate, focus, and compete. This is generally described as a feeling of “getting your edge back.” This is especially important in the workplace, as men over 40 increasingly find themselves having to compete and keep up with younger workers who may be vying for their positions. Testosterone can help you to have the strength, energy and drive to keep you ahead of the pack.

So now that you know a little more about testosterone replacement therapy, why not contact us, and find out if you can benefit from the many life-changing benefits of prescription testosterone.

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