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Human Growth Hormone Can Be Vital to Aging Well

Understanding Human growth hormone (HGH)

The pituitary gland, though tiny in size, is one of the most important glands of your endocrine system. This tiny gland with a big role, can be found at the base of your brain. The primary function of the pituitary gland is the production and release of Human Growth Hormone, also known as HGH, or alternatively, simply “growth hormone.”

As you might deduce from these names, HGH is responsible for “growth.” It is HGH that stimulates all of the processes from cellular division to bone growth, that allow children to grow to teens, and teens to achieve their full strength and stature as adults. While HGH is vitally important during those growing years, we still need HGH even as adults, so that we can continue to replace damaged cells, and to maintain good muscle mass and bone health throughout our lives. And yet, despite the continued need for HGH, the production of growth hormone decreases the older you get. Not surprisingly, your HGH levels drop most dramatically as you enter middle age, and all the aches, pains, and other symptoms of “growing old,” begin.

Are you a man or woman over 40? Think back for a minute. Were you stronger, fitter, and your mind sharper when you were 20, than you are now? Even if you are not middle aged yet, we all know that someone in their 20s is physically stronger and mentally quicker than someone in their 70s.

It has been known for decades that HGH levels drop as you age. As HGH declines it becomes much harder to build muscle and burn fat, and this is why you gain weight more easily the older you get, even if you do not eat more, or exercise less!

As you might imagine, your rate of growth hormone production is highest around puberty. Once you reach adolecence, HGH starts a steady and increasing decline. This age-related decrease in HGH production is well-documented by medical science, but its exact trigger remains unknown. However, many researchers believe that it is due to a increased secretion of somatostatin, which is a hormone that inhibits the production of HGH.

Human Growth Hormone Can Be Vital to Aging Well

HGH Declines As You Age

It is a medical fact that your ability to produce growth hormone lessens over time. That decline in most people has been measured at anywhere from 2 percent to 4 percent per year.

That may not sound like much, but over the course of several years, it takes its toll, and contributes to weakness, increased obesity, loss of energy, sleep disorders, weaker bones, smaller muscles, and sexual issues – pretty much all the downsides we relate to “getting old.”

What Exactly Is HGH?

HGH is a hormone. That means that like all hormones, it is one of your body’s chemical messengers. Hormones are produced and secreted by the glands of your endocrine system. Hormones stimulate and regulate just about every bodily process from sleep to digestion. In the case of human growth hormone, HGH is the cornerstone of all of the processes that take place that allow us to grow from a child to adult.

In the absence of HGH, your bones and muscles would not grow, and you would stay the size you were as a child. While HGH is required to grow from a child to an adult, you never “grow” out of your need for HGH. Even when you are fully grown HGH controls the growth and replacement of your cells. As your cells die off due to damage or age, it is HGH that stimulates your body to replace them.

However, as you age, the less HGH you produce. As growth hormone levels decrease, your body’s ability to replace and repair cells also decreases, and you experience many of the symptoms we think of as “ageing.”

Growth Hormone Replacement Therapy

We all know that growing old brings with it a number of issues. The battery of symptoms that we think of as “aging”- loss of muscle mass, weight gain, weakness, increased fatigue, sleep disorders, bone loss, and loss of libido – are collectively known to medical professionals as somatopause. Loss of HGH is a direct cause of somatopause.

Growth Hormone Replacement Therapy

However, we can replace the HGH that your body loses over time, and prevent many of those symptoms, with hormone therapy. Numerous studies have shown the many positive and “anti-aging benefits,” of growth hormone replacement therapy. Maybe that is why top celebrities from Jane Seymour to Sylvester Stallone swear by the use of HGH to maintain their youthful beauty and powerful physiques!

Growth hormone replacement therapy can:

  • Rejuvenate and invigorate every cell in your body
  • Help you burn fat and build lean muscle
  • Improve your immune response
  • Fight fatigue and give you more energy
  • Keep your moods more stable
  • Return you to more normal sleep patterns
  • Improve sexual performance

However, do not be deceived by ads in magazines or online that claim to sell you products that contain HGH. You can only get real human growth hormone through HGH replacement injections, and the only way to obtain such injections legally, is with a doctor’s prescription. If you see an ad for a supplement, or any product on a shelf that claims to contain “HGH,” and it can be obtained without a prescription, or taken in any way other than an injection, it is not, by law, authentic Human Growth Hormone.

You could get a prescription for HGH from any physician. However, you would not go see a cardiologist for a broken leg! It is the same with HGH. You want to obtain your HGH therapy from a doctor who specializes in hormone replacement therapy, also known as “HRT.”

Human Growth Hormone Replacement Therapy

Such practitioners will be able to bring to bear all that is currently available in the emerging discipline of antiaging medicine, and provide adjunctive therapies to your HGH prescription that can help you the be your best self, no matter your physical age.

So now that you know a little more about HGH and hormone replacement therapy, why not contact us, and find out if you can benefit from growth hormone therapy!

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