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How Do I know if I have Low Testosterone?

Low Testosterone

We hear about this all the time. How do I know if I have low testosterone or not? You know you don’t feel healthy – not like you used to. You can’t quite put your finger on exactly what is wrong in your body, but you can feel that something is different. You feel tired more often than not. You can’t quite focus on things or solve problems as quickly as you once did. You try to keep up your fitness program, but you don’t have the energy for it any more. Consequently, you find the scale creeping up and your pants fitting a little tighter. What the heck is going on here, you ask. Your loved one or trusted friend kindly suggests that a doctor’s visit might be in order to make sure you don’t have something going seriously wrong inside. Your doctor understands your concern and happily orders all the standard tests. A week later you are back in his office going over the results. Maybe there are a couple of numbers off by a bit, but your doctor finds nothing really out of the ordinary. Then he utters those dreaded words: You know – you’re not a kid any more. It is time to find the answer to that very important question: How do I know if I have low testosterone?

Low Testosterone Treatment

Even if your doctor does notice that your testosterone level is much lower than it once was, he is unlikely to recognize the problems that this can cause and recommend low testosterone treatment. Here at Kingsberg Medical, hormone replacement therapy and health rejuvenation are our mission and our passion. We know the problems that low T can cause, and we have dedicated years of research to finding just the right methods and protocols to treat and increase low T levels. We strongly advise that you only take a program of low testosterone treatment which includes all of these medications outlined below. This is what ensures your overall health and well-being. Your low testosterone treatment protocol will include a weekly testosterone cypionate injection, along with a weekly injection of HCG and an Anastrazole capsule. These medications accomplish three things: first, the testosterone cypionate will be slowly absorbed and utilized by your body over the next seven days; second, the HCG injection will encourage your testes to continue to produce their own testosterone even though you are receiving a testosterone supplement; and third, the Anastrazole capsule will make sure that any excess testosterone which might be aromatized (converted) to estrogen will be eliminated from the body. At the end of your ten weeks of testosterone injections, you will have a two-week waiting period for your body to normalize, followed by eleven days of daily HCG injections and fourteen days of Clomiphene capsules. This helps to reset the hormones which signal the testes to produce their own testosterone. In this way, we are sure that your body will continue to produce testosterone at a higher level than it did before your treatment with testosterone injections. You may still need additional courses of low testosterone treatment, and this 14 week program can be repeated as many times as needed to increase testosterone levels to a healthy range.

How Can I Increase Low Testosterone Levels?

Here is a simple plan to know the answer to that nagging question: How can I increase my low testosterone levels? This will show you how to raise low testosterone levels and will get you back on the road to being healthy and feeling great.

  1. Complete the quick online form on this page. One of our clinical specialists from our testosterone clinic will contact you to explain how to get tested for low testosterone and doctor prescribed testosterone cypionate injections.
  2. Your personal clinical specialist will ask you to complete the medical history form and schedule a laboratory blood test and physical exam in your local area at a time convenient to you.
  3. our local doctor who tests for low testosterone will review your blood tests, physical exam, and medical history form to determine if you have low T and to determine the best course of low testosterone treatment. Our local doctor’s prescription will be the conclusive answer to that bothersome question: How can I increase low testosterone levels? Our local doctor will prescribe the best testosterone treatment program for your particular circumstances.
  4. Your doctor-prescribed low testosterone treatment program will be sent directly to our pharmacy (a fully licensed FDA authorized US pharmacy) to be filled. This medication will then be sent directly to your home or office. Please note that your signature will be required for delivery.
  5. It is important to note that we do not work with professional athletes or body builders or those seeking cosmetic enhancement. These medications are approved by the FDA only for those with a verified deficiency. Our local doctors will not prescribe testosterone therapy programs for people under the age of 30. At that time, their bodies are usually still producing adequate quantities of testosterone to meet their daily needs.

Benefits of Doctor Prescribed Low Testosterone Therapy

It is true that the benefits of doctor prescribed low testosterone therapy to increase testosterone levels are many and varied. It really comes down to five basic areas of life which are most affected by low testosterone levels and which are most improved with low testosterone treatment.

  1. When testosterone levels are increased to the levels they were when you were in your twenties, you have so much more energy and enthusiasm for life.
  2. When you increase testosterone levels back to where they belong, it brings on the return of your sex drive. Some men describe it as a hunger for intimacy that they didn’t have for ages. We also get reports of the welcomed return of a long lost friend … the morning erection.
  3. With improved energy and stamina, you will find that your body will start to shed excess fat stores and rebuild the lean muscle mass which have been lost due to illness, injury or just being a couch potato.
  4. You will notice that you feel more “on point” than you have in years. Decision-making is easier and quicker. It’s as if a cloud has been lifted.
  5. Most important of all is the return of feeling good about yourself. You walk a little taller. You hold your head a little higher. You feel better about yourself. You feel happy inside.

At Kingsberg Medical, our passion and our mission is to provide the therapy and treatment programs you need to live youthfully every day of your life. We aren’t satisfied with just providing testosterone cypionate injections to increase low testosterone levels. We focus on your overall complete well-being, and our local doctors prescribe low testosterone treatment programs with that goal in mind. A healthy, virile and confident patient is the best confirmation that we are fulfilling our mission every day.

Reviews from our Patients – Testimonials

Low Testosterone Treatment
Kyle B. in Los Angeles CA called in to say:

I am so glad I found your local testosterone clinic in my nearby Los Angeles suburb! Your staff’s professionalism and kindness are absolutely amazing. It’s not easy for a guy to walk into a place and talk to people about things like impotence and getting fat and feeling kind of depressed all the time. Your people made it seem like it was no big deal and the most important cause of the day … both at the same time. Now that I’ve been on your low testosterone treatment for about two months, I feel like a million bucks. I can’t thank you enough.

Tyrone T. in Chicago IL writes:

My dad turned me on to your low testosterone clinic. I’m kind of embarrassed to think about my dad and testosterone in the same sentence, but I have to hand it to the old man. He knows how to live life, and he never stops teaching me. Now I’ve talked to my younger brother about testosterone. We are both in our forties, and I was really surprised to see the results of my blood test. I’m glad your doctors tested me for all the things they do. I really feel like you all are interested in my overall health. Keep up the good work, and I’ll keep spreading the word about your low testosterone injections protocol.

Manuel N. in Houston TX called in:

Hormone replacement therapy was my wife’s idea. She was the one who introduced me to this concept of restoring low testosterone levels and balancing hormones naturally. Low testosterone treatment has dramatically improved our quality of life. I would happily recommend this to anyone and everyone. Just like we found out, when testosterone levels are low and getting lower as the years progress, you just don’t have the interest in doing much of anything. Even if the interest is there, the energy and stamina are not. After starting low testosterone injections treatment, I started feeling like I did in my 20′s again! This is great!

Chad P. in Phoenix AZ writes:

I’ve been a Kingsberg Medical client for about two years now. A few years ago, I started suffering from erectile dysfunction, getting depressed, having headaches, and generally just feeling like crap. I was just in my late 30s, but I was completely impotent. I went to my doctor and was referred to a urologist. I also went to a psychologist and even a psychiatrist, but none of them could really find anything wrong with me. My older brother had low testosterone, and he suggested I get my hormones tested. That was the key, and low testosterone treatment has made a huge difference in my life.

Sue E. in Philadelphia PA writes:

I know you probably only hear from men when it comes to testosterone therapy, but I just had to write to tell you how happy I am with your HRT clinic in Philadelphia. My husband was tested and found to be quite low on testosterone and a host of other vital hormones. His clinical specialist mentioned that it would be a good idea for me to be checked as well. With menopause knocking at my door, I wasn’t looking forward to some of the symptoms I see my women friends suffering through. Well, to make a long story short, Charlie and I started testosterone replacement therapy at the same time. He took the injectable testosterone therapy, and I took the testosterone gel blend. It has been over a year now, and we both feel amazing. This testosterone treatment program has dramatically increased our quality of life. We are really enjoying each other and our lives again. Thank you!

Frequently Asked Questions

Low Testosterone Levels
Luis H. in Dallas TX – Where do I go to get injectable testosterone in Texas?

Our testosterone clinic specialists will be glad to arrange everything for you right there in Texas. Start with the short form at the top of this page, and one of our clinical specialists will give you a call. He or she will arrange your lab test and physical exam in your local area and direct you to complete the comprehensive medical history form (the button is on the top of this page). Our local doctor will review your medical chart, and if he or she sees that you are experiencing low testosterone levels, then our local doctor will prescribe low testosterone replacement therapy for you. The injectable testosterone will be shipped to you directly from the pharmacy. If you have any other questions about how to get testosterone injections in Dallas TX, just give us a call.

Gordon L. in Charleston SC – How can I get a test for low testosterone levels?

We have doctors who test your testosterone levels to determine the extent of your testosterone hormone deficiency. Thanks to injectable testosterone, thousands of people are growing no longer suffering from the debilitating symptoms of low testosterone levels. We will schedule your laboratory blood test and physical examination at a local clinic right there in South Carolina, and our local doctors will prescribe the best testosterone replacement therapy for you.

Dave H. in Flint MI – How do you get testosterone injections legally?

Only prescription testosterone injections are safe and legal in the USA. Our local doctors specialize in testosterone hormone replacement therapy. The only way to be absolutely certain of getting all the benefits of testosterone hormone replacement therapy is to consult our local doctors who specialize in testing and treating low testosterone levels. Our local doctors will analyze your lab tests, physical exam and medical history to determine the correct low testosterone treatment program for you.

Nathan L. in Atlanta GA – How can I find a low testosterone clinic?

Our low testosterone clinics are available to help you in Atlanta and throughout the US. Our local doctors who test for low testosterone levels will happy to review your medical history form, lab report and physical exam to determine the extent of your low testosterone deficiency. If required, our local doctors will prescribe injectable testosterone therapy to help increase low testosterone levels and restore you to a state of well being and feeling great.

Guy M. in Miami Beach FL – Are your testosterone injections made in the US?

All of our testosterone injections, the testosterone cypionate, testosterone enanthate, and the testosterone propionate are 100% produced, compounded, packaged and shipped from fully authorized US pharmacies. You should always be certain that you deal only with US pharmacies for any medications you receive. We have been informed of grave situations which resulted from medications which have been routed through seemingly safe countries, only to find that they have been produced in yet other countries with no regulatory policies or safety standards. Our research has shown medications which have contained ineffective materials such as ground vitamins, and we have also found medications which tests have shown contained traces of rat poison. It is critically important that you take these warnings seriously. Your health is nothing to mess around with.

Lorraine N. in San Jose CA – How can you find real testosterone hormone injections in California?

The most important factor when looking for real testosterone hormone injections is to be sure that your medications are compounded and shipped from a US pharmacy licensed and approved by the FDA. At Kingsberg Medical, all of our medications are produced, compounded, packaged and shipped from US pharmacies which are fully licensed and supervised by the FDA.

Kerry J. in San Francisco CA – How can I get doctor prescribed testosterone?

In San Francisco CA, our local doctors are available to review your medical reports and determine if you have a verified deficiency in testosterone levels. Doctor prescribed testosterone injections is the most effective way to increase low testosterone levels and alleviate symptoms such as low sex drive and fatigue, ever-increasing belly fat, ever-decreasing lean muscle mass and the feeling of brain fog that just won’t go away. Begin with completing the form on this page to initiate contact with one of our clinical specialists, or simply give us a call at the toll-free number listed above.

Daryl K. in Denver CO – Will injectable testosterone cure erectile dysfunction?

our local doctors have found that erectile dysfunction can be caused by a number of different problems in the body. If your ED is caused by low testosterone levels, then this will be confirmed by our local doctors who test for low testosterone levels. If your erectile dysfunction is caused by some other difficulty in the body, then our local doctors will suggest that you have further examinations to determine the exact cause and possibly avert a much more serious health-threatening event. Many times our clients report that in the past they have had no interest in sexual activity and little to no results from drugs like Viagra or Cialis. However, after testosterone replacement injections, they do have a return of their sex drive and the libido seems to be in full swing. They may find that they have a significant improvement in the quality of their erections and stamina, but our local doctor may also prescribe Viagra or Cialis to improve their overall experience.

Leroy J. in Portland OR – Why don’t you work with bodybuilders and athletes?

We do not work with bodybuilders, professional athletes or those seeking cosmetic enhancement because testosterone replacement therapy is approved by the FDA only for those who have a verified deficiency in free and total testosterone levels. This is why we always begin the process with a laboratory blood test to determine your free and total testosterone levels and to be sure that you qualify for our local doctor prescribed low testosterone injections therapy. Increasing your testosterone level over the range which normally occurs in the body is dangerous and can cause very severe side effects. Our local doctors know that without our additional medications to keep your body safe, you could be faced with testicular atrophy and estrogen build up as extra testosterone is often converted to estrogen in the body. We have witnessed those unscrupulous users experiencing radical mood swings and road range which could be avoided by following our local doctor’s approved testosterone treatment protocol.

Lonnie L. in Orlando FL – Where is the closest testosterone replacement clinic in central Florida?

Kingsberg Medical has facilities available to check your low testosterone levels in Central Florida and throughout the US. There is absolutely no reason to suffer through things like an endless brain fog, feeling sluggish and out of sorts all the time. The symptoms of low testosterone can be merely inconvenient, but they can also be quite serious with symptoms including: erectile dysfunction, weight gain, osteoporosis, sleep disturbances, memory loss and depression. The sooner you seek treatment for low testosterone levels, the sooner you will start to feel better.

Perry C. in Philadelphia PA – How do I find out if I have Low T?

When you look at the list of signs and symptoms of Low T explained on this website, you will begin to get an understanding of whether you are likely to have low testosterone levels or not. The next step is to contact one of our clinical specialists to schedule a laboratory blood test and physical exam. These procedures will be conducted at a facility near your home or office and supervised electronically by our local doctors who specialize in Low T treatment.

Erik T. in Albuquerque NM – How long does it take for testosterone injections to increase my low testosterone levels?

The very first treatment injection will increase your low testosterone level. Your treatment program will also include additional medications (described more completely in the topics at the top of this page) which are specifically chosen to encourage your body to increase its own production of testosterone. This will allow you to progress to a better state of overall health and well-being.

Low Testosterone Doctor
Maurice M. in Cincinnati OH – What is the best testosterone treatment?

Well, the best testosterone treatment is the one that specifically meets your needs. Our local doctors will review your laboratory blood tests, your physical exam and your medical history to determine the best testosterone treatment to relieve your signs and symptoms of low testosterone. While depo testosterone cypionate are the most often prescribed testosterone treatment, there are certain times when a testosterone blend will be prescribed. The doctors who prescribe low testosterone injections made up from a blend of testosterone enanthate and testosterone propionate added to the testosterone cypionate.

Marcus J. in Houston TX – I’m really suffering from low sex drive and fatigue. Will testosterone injections therapy help me?

Yes, definitely! The most debilitating symptoms of low testosterone are low sex drive and fatigue. Fortunately, this isn’t something you must just learn to accept. Once you have been tested for low testosterone levels by our local doctors, and if they determine that you have a low testosterone level, then you will receive doctor prescribed testosterone injection therapy.

Alvin F. in Chattanooga TN – What is Andropause?

While women suffer from a rather dramatic change of life known widely as menopause, men encounter a much more gradual slowing down of hormone production known not-so-widely as andropause. Men will notice the symptoms of low testosterone described throughout this page: the low sex drive, fatigue, gradual weight gain and a corresponding decrease in lean muscle mass, not feeling as mentally with it as they once did, and in some cases actually mild depression. Andropause is nothing to mess around with, and it completely avoidable. There is no reason to roll over and play dead during the greatest time of your life. This is the time when you have the wisdom and knowledge, along with the resources, to really begin to enjoy your life. You are finally no longer working those punishing long hours any more (we hope), and you should be able to really get out there and enjoy life. Don’t accept andropause as a part of growing older! Fight back! Get help from our local doctors who treat low testosterone with competent compassion, and get back to enjoying your life.

Gilbert O. in Fort Lauderdale FL – How do I find a doctor who tests for low testosterone in South Florida?

Kingsberg Medical has facilities available to test for low testosterone throughout South Florida and all around the country. You may begin with either the short contact form on this page or by calling our office at the number shown above. One of our clinical specialists will be happy to explain the details of our low testosterone treatment programs and schedule your blood test and physical exam at a nearby facility convenient to your home or office. Our local doctors who prescribe injectable testosterone therapy will review your laboratory blood test, your physical exam and medical history form to determine if you have low testosterone levels.

Vernon M. in Baltimore MD – How do I get testosterone injections from a doctor?

You may start by completing the contact form on this page, and if you wish to speed things along, you can go ahead and complete the Medical History Form, too. Our local doctors who test for low testosterone will review your chart to determine if you have a low testosterone level which warrants the doctor prescribing low testosterone injections. Only those who have a verified deficiency can receive doctor prescribe low testosterone injection therapy.

Alexander E. in Chicago IL – How long does it take to get a testosterone therapy program?

Usually from the time you call us for information till your medication is delivered to your door is approximately 7 working days. It is possible that if everything moves along very quickly, and you are able to get your blood test and physical right away, then you could have your complete program within 5 days. However, if we have to deal with delays outside our control, then it could take up to 10 business days for you to get your package.

Jeanette I. in El Paso TX – Are testosterone creams and gels appropriate for a woman?

Absolutely! Testosterone gels and creams can be formulated in lower strengths perfectly suited for a woman’s needs. The testosterone creams or gels can also be compounded to include estrogen and progesterone if those are needed. It is a wonderful thing to finally find some relief from the symptoms of menopause, including the end of hot flashes, night sweats, mood swings and feeling grumpy all the time.

Stuart G. in Los Angeles CA – Will testosterone injections help my low sex drive?

The aspect of your life which suffers the most from low testosterone levels is your sex drive. Fortunately, that is also the area which benefits the most and benefits the fastest. Some men have described it as having a hunger for intimacy once again. It is a true benefit to actually have the energy and stamina to support those amorous intentions. We know you will enjoy the wonderful change and feeling like you are in your twenties again.

Ricky R. in St. Louis MO – What is the cost of a testosterone injections program?

The testosterone injection cost can only be determined after review your blood work, physical and medical history report. The doctor will prescribe a program of injectable testosterone which is tailored to your specific needs, so the cost may vary and would be impossible to estimate.

Our testosterone clinic staff and our local doctors who prescribe low testosterone treatment are standing by to help you with all your bioidentical hormone replacement needs. We look forward to hearing from you. Simply complete the short contact form on this page or call us toll-free at 800-787-0408.