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Getting a Sermorelin Prescription Online

  • Sermorelin is a prescription medication used to treat adult growth hormone deficiency (AGHD).
  • A doctor’s prescription is required to purchase sermorelin.
  • Real sermorelin can never be purchased online. It can only be obtained from your doctor.
  • For best results you want to get your prescription for sermorelin from a doctor or that specializes in the treatment of age-related growth hormone deficiency in men and women.
Sermorelin Prescription

If you are trying to obtain a prescription for sermorelin online, all you can do is come to a page like this one, and fill out our online medical history form. Or you can use the “contact us” or “chat” features on this page to schedule a consolation to see if you qualify for a prescription for sermorelin.

You cannot under any circumstances purchase sermorelin online, nor should you. Sermorelin is only given to you to by your doctor, once he or she has determined you qualify for a sermorelin prescription, through proper diagnosis and testing. This is the only way to be assured your experience with Sermorelin therapy is safe and effective.

Do I Need a Prescription for Sermorelin?

Yes, you absolutely need to have a doctor’s prescription for sermorelin. Basically, there are 4-Steps to getting a prescription for sermorelin.

Step 1 – Medical History Form – This is the first, and only step to getting a prescription for sermorelin you can do online.

Step 2 – Doctor’s Exam– Once you have filled out your online medical history form, you will then need to see a doctor who can do the rest of the necessary intake, give you a thorough physical examination, and a referral to a lab for hormone testing.

Step 3 – Lab Work – Once you have had your initial consultation you will have to have your blood tested at a reliable lab for your growth hormone levels and perhaps other “hormone panels” as recommended by your physician.

Step 3 – Obtain Your Prescription for Sermorelin –  If the results of your lab work, coupled with your symptoms, physical exam, and medical history, indicate you are a good candidate for sermorelin therapy, you will be issued a prescription for sermorelin therapy.  You will be supplied with a sermorelin injection kit, by your doctor with a dosage of sermorelin best suited to your age, weight, gender and lifestyle.

You can only obtain sermorelin directly from the doctor who has prescribed it for you. You cannot purchase sermorelin online or at a local pharmacy.

Prescription for Sermorelin

Can Any Doctor Write a Prescription for Sermorelin Therapy?

Any medical doctor, MD, OD, or ND who can legally write prescriptions, can give you a prescription for sermorelin therapy. However, that does not mean that you want to get your prescription for sermorelin from “just any doctor.”

For best results, and optimal safety and efficacy, you want to get your prescription for sermorelin injections from a doctor or medical clinic that specializes in the treatment of hormone replacement therapies for men and woman over 35.

Such a doctor will know how to tailor your sermorelin treatments to your particular needs, goals, and lifestyle, and also how to perhaps combine it with other therapies such as ipamorelin therapy, or growth hormone replacement therapy, to maximize your results.

Can I Buy Sermorelin Online?

No, under no circumstances can you purchase sermorelin online. As stated above it is only available with a doctor’s prescription, and once prescribed, you doctor will provide you with your sermorelin therapy injection kit.

You must avoid any website or online retailer that offers to sell you sermorelin online with, or without a prescription. Buying sermorelin from such sites is not only illegal, it could be hazardous to your health, or even fatal!

Where Should I Get My Prescription for Sermorelin Therapy?

Where you obtain your prescription for sermorelin injections from, matters.

Prescription for Sermorelin Therapy

You want to work with a facility that specializes in hormone replacement therapies, and therefore is uniquely qualified to diagnose and treat growth hormone deficiencies. Treating age-related hormone decline is as much of an art as a science, and you want to work with clinicians like ours who are aware of the subtle nuances of using sermorelin along with potentially other therapies, to bring all of your critical hormones back into proper balance.

If you are a man or woman over the age of 35, and think you may benefit from sermorelin therapy, contact us today to learn more about sermorelin’s many benefits, and how it may help you to look and feel better than you have in years!

It’s time to take charge of your body and your future well being. You CAN be proactive in your own health and appearance and be the person you only imagined!!

For best results, and optimal safety and efficacy, you want to get your prescription for sermorelin injections from a doctor or medical clinic that specializes in the treatment of age-related hormone decline in men and women.

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