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How to Mix and Administer Omnitrope HGH Injections

How to Mix Omnitrope HGH Powder Video on How to Inject Omnitrope HGH

When given properly, Omnitrope HGH injections are clinically proven to be very safe and effective. Omnitrope is an injectable form of human growth hormone (somatropin) prescribed to treat growth hormone deficiency (GHD). Omnitrope is available as an injectable cartridge, or as standard injectable vials. If you are reading this page, you’ve been prescribed the standard injectable form.

When you receive your package, it will come along with a vial of Omnitrope HGH and a vial of bacteriostatic water to mix with the HGH. In addition there will be alcohol wipes, a 3cc syringe with a 25 gauge needle attached to it. This is going to be used to draw out the water from the bacteriostatic water vial and carefully add it to the vial of the HGH powder. You will also find a three tenths of a cc insulin syringe, which you will use to draw out your dose of HGH and to inject it.

Is It Hard to Learn How To Give Yourself Omnitrope HGH Injections?

Do not be intimidated by the idea of having to give self-inject a medication. Millions of people give themselves Omnitrope HGH growth hormone injections every day without incident. It is not hard to learn how to give yourself growth hormone injections. Simply follow these steps, which can be viewed on a video above.

Step 1

First, you need to remove the caps of the vials. This will expose the rubber stopper. Now you need to sanitize the rubber stopper, with the provided alcohol wipes. Now we’re ready to reconstitute the HGH into a solution. You will need to open one of the 3ml syringe with the 25 gauge needle and make sure that the needle tip is screwed on tight. Next, remove the protective cap, and draw all of the water out of the vial and inject it into the vial of Omnitrope.

Step 2

When you have completed injecting the water into the vial of Omnitrope, put the cap back on the needle. Then you can twist the needle off and throw it in the sharps disposable container that comes into your package. The HGH should be completely dissolved into a solution. Look closely at the vial, if there’s any white particles, put it between your hands and roll it back and forth, for about 10 or 15 seconds. Only use this rolling method, you never want to shake the HGH. HGH is extremely delicate. Once you are sure that it is completely dissolved, you will be ready to inject your Omnitrope.

Step 3

Now you must measure your proper dose of HGH. Your dose of HGH will either be 1 IU, 1.5 IUs, or 2 IUs. It is easy to measure your exact dose using the three tenths of a cc syringe that’s included in your package. Remove the protective cover from the needle and insert the needle directly into the rubber stopper of the vile.

For a 1 IU dose, draw back to the 7.5 mark on your syringe.

If your prescribed dose is 1.5 IU, pull back to the 11-unit mark. You should pull a little bit past the mark, to around the 15-unit mark, and then we’re going to push the rest back into the vial, till you get back to the 11 mark, so you can get the air out of the vial.

If your dose is a 2 IU dose, pull to just a liitle past the 15-unit mark, and once again push back to the 15-unit mark, to get any air out of the syringe.

Now you are ready to do your injection.

Step 4

Once you are sure you have drawn the proper dosage into the syringe, this is how you administer your HGH injection. Pick an injection site in the lower abdominal area. Make sure that you stay about two inches away from your belly button. Pinch a bit of skin with along with some fatty tissue. You’re going to wipe the area with an alcohol wipe, and then do the injection. Insert the needle at a 45-degree angle. Once the needle is inserted you can begin to push the plunger very slowly. Once it’s all injected, remove the needle — put the cap back on the syringe, and discard the entire thing into your red sharps container.

It’s just that simple!

Do Growth Hormone Injections Hurt?

If you follow the above steps, and watch our “How To” Video, Omnitrope injections are quick and easy, and can be delivered with little or no pain at all.

A fear of needles or injections is no reason to deny yourself the many positive benefits of growth hormone injections.

Thank you for choosing Kingsberg Medical for your Omnitrope injections. If after reading this page, and viewing our video, you still have any questions on how to administer your Omnitrope prescription, please do not hesitate to contact us.

This page is provided for educational purposes and should not be perceived as specific instruction on how to administer Omnitrope. Please consult with your pharmacist, product insert, or you doctor for medically approved guidelines.

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