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How Much Does It Cost for Testosterone Therapy?

How Much Does It Cost for Testosterone Therapy?

Testosterone therapy, particularly testosterone injections, have been proven to have many benefits for men who have been diagnosed with low testosterone.

Men who are seeking treatment for low testosterone, understandably want to know how much does testosterone therapy cost? Before we get into a discussion of how much testosterone therapy costs, it is important to understand a few things about where and how to get testosterone.

One of the first things that you need to know when considering the cost of testosterone therapy, is that you cannot save money by trying to get testosterone from less than reputable sources. If you try to lower the cost of testosterone treatments, by thinking you could get testosterone without a doctor’s prescription, you could be putting your health and safety at risk. You can only get testosterone legally after being properly tested by a doctor and diagnosed with low testosterone. Trying to save money on the cost of testosterone replacement, by getting testosterone from any other source, is not only illegal, it could be dangerous.

What Is the Average Cost of Low Testosterone Treatment?

It is not as easy as you might think to answer the question of “how much does testosterone treatment cost?” This is because there are just so many variable that go into your individual treatment. You age, your weight, your fitness level, and your lifestyle can all impact the type prescription for testosterone you are given, and therefore, its cost. However, that all being said, on average, testosterone treatments cost about 750.00 per month.

How to Determine the Cost Testosterone Therapy

There are many reasons why there is such variability in the cost of testosterone therapy. The form or methodology of your testosterone therapy is one thing that makes a difference. Testosterone therapy is given in a number of ways, with testosterone injections generally being the most expensive delivery method. But, before you attempt to save money on the cost of testosterone therapy by requesting something less expensive, such as testosterone gel, or testosterone cream, understand that testosterone injections are generally recognized as the most effective way to receive testosterone therapy.

Other than delivery method, other factors that can impact how much your testosterone therapy costs include:

  • Who is prescribing your testosterone therapy?
  • What brand of testosterone are you using?
  • Where is the testosterone clinic located?
  • How experienced are the doctors and staff?

Understand that if you are shopping for testosterone therapy, cost is a factor, but it really should not be the deciding factor on the testosterone clinic or testosterone doctor you choose. Do not cut corners and possibly compromise your health, by going to the cheapest provider of testosterone therapy you can find. Remember, as in any other purchase – you get what you pay for.

How to Determine the Cost Testosterone Therapy?

When you think about it, when shopping for testosterone therapy, you should be a lot more concerned about the skills and experience of your prescriber, than how much the testosterone replacement will cost.

Is Testosterone Therapy Covered By Insurance?

In some cases, testosterone replacement therapy may be covered by your health insurance policy. If you have been properly diagnosed with low testosterone, or andropause, by a licensed professional, and have appropriate coverage, your insurance will likely pay for your testosterone prescription. If you are not covered for the actual prescription for testosterone therapy, your health insurance may cover some of the other aspects of your treatment, such as doctors’ visits and lab work, and therefore could help to reduce the cost of testosterone therapy.

If you do have medical insurance, it is best to check with your particular provider for the specifics of your coverage for testosterone replacement therapy.

Is Testosterone Therapy Covered By Insurance?

Overview of the Cost Factors of Testosterone Therapy

More than simply the cost of your testosterone prescription, factors into what testosterone therapy will cost you. Here is an overview of all of the components that factor into the cost of testosterone therapy over the course of you monthly treatments.

  • Lab work
  • Doctors’ visits
  • Filling your testosterone prescription
  • Transportation to and from your testosterone clinic
  • Any supplements or additional prescriptions you may need besides testosterone

Your costs may vary over the course of your six month treatment plan as your testosterone doctor adjusts your dosage to be the most effective.

It Can Cost You More Not to Have Testosterone Therapy

What Should Be Included in the Cost of Your Testosterone Therapy?

The above list should give you some idea of what should be included in the cost of your testosterone therapy. However, it should by no means be considered a comprehensive list.

The point is, that when comparing the cost of testosterone therapy from one provider to another, you need to make sure that you completely understand what is included in the price you have been quoted for testosterone replacement. Do not be embarrassed to ask exactly what is included, and what you could expect to pay each month, for your testosterone treatment.

Can I Lower the Cost of Testosterone Therapy?

Regardless as to whether or not your testosterone therapy is or is not covered by your health insurance, there may be ways to reduce the cost of testosterone replacement.

Many of the manufactures of the name brands of testosterone offer some kind of discounts on their products, for those who have been given a prescription for testosterone therapy, but do not have insurance.

There may be other ways that our doctors and hormone replacement advisors may be able to help you with a program that is within your needs and budget. It is always our goal to see that patients who are in need of the many benefits of testosterone therapy, do not miss out because they feel they cannot afford it. We have designed many programs to fit various needs and lifestyles.

Contact us today, and let us see if we have a program of testosterone replacement therapy that can meet your needs, as well as your budget.

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