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Getting a Prescription for Sermorelin in Five Easy Steps

  • Sermorelin is only available with a doctor’s prescription.
  • You may be able to purchase sermorelin online, but only once you have followed our “5 Steps to Obtaining a Prescription for Sermorelin.”
  • For best results you want to get your prescription for sermorelin from a doctor that specializes in the treatment of age-related growth hormone decline in men and women.
Get Sermorelin

Sermorelin is an FDA approved medication that is only available with a doctor’s prescription.

However, if you qualify, it is not difficult to obtain a prescription for sermorelin. Basically, there are a 5-Steps to getting a prescription for sermorelin.

How to Get Sermorelin

Step 1 – Call our phone number (877) 321-8885 or fill out the contact us form for a Free initial consultation with our Medical Advisor.

Step 2 – Fill Out the Online Medical History Form

Once you have called for your free consultation, you will be required to fill out our Online Medical History Form. This way, our doctors, or one we refer you to in your area, will be able to make a proper evaluation of whether you qualify for sermorelin therapy.

Step 3 – Have a Physical Exam Done by a Local Doctor

Once you have completed Step 1 and Step 2, you have to come in to see one of our doctors (or you will be referred to one in your area) to have a Physical Exam to determine if you are a candidate for sermorelin therapy.

How to Get Sermorelin Prescription

Step 4 – Complete Your Blood Work with a Local Laboratory

After you have had your physical exam, you will need to have the levels of your hormones tested by a qualified and reputable lab. We work with some of the most highly respected diagnostic labs in the country for your hormone blood tests, such as LabCorp and Quest.

Complete Your Blood Work with a Local Laboratory

Step 5 – You Will Be Prescribed Hormone Replacement Therapy

If the results of your lab work, in combination with your medical history and physical exam, indicate to our hormone replacement specialist that you qualify for sermorelin therapy our doctors will then provide you with a prescription for sermorelin injections tailored to your symptoms, goals, and unique lifestyle.

You absolutely need to have a doctor’s prescription for sermorelin. Getting a prescription for Sermorelin is not hard, if you follow our “5 easy steps.”

Where Should I Get My Sermorelin Therapy?

There is one more step to getting a sermorelin prescription, and it is perhaps the most important one, that should be made before any of the others – choose where you want to get your sermorelin therapy.

Where you obtain your prescription for sermorelin from and who will monitor your treatments, can make a very big difference in your outcome.

You want to work with a facility such as ours that specializes in hormone replacement therapies, and therefore is uniquely qualified to diagnose and treat growth hormone deficiencies. Treating age-related hormone decline is nuanced, and takes the special understanding and experience of clinicians like ours who know how to use sermorelin along with potentially other therapies, to bring all of your critical hormones back into proper balance.

Where you get your prescription for sermorelin matters. Choose your facility wisely, by working with one like ours that has many years of experience, and a great track-record of treating men and women with age-related hormone imbalances. We can help you make the smart choices you will need to make. Call now and make a difference for YOU!!

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