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Where Can I Get HGH

What does it matter if you have all the riches in the world? If you don’t have your health, then all of those material things really don’t matter at all. If you divide the purposes or the mission of your life into three basic categories … to make a difference, to learn and grow, and to relax and have fun … can you really do those things at all without good health? We are here to offer a solution to the steadily declining quality of health that many people experience as they grow older. We are here to answer the question Where Can I Get HGH? That is the singular question which will have the greatest impact on your ability to fulfill those mission objectives in your life. We all want to live a life free of regret, and being able to get to our final days with a smile and a sense of completion is one of the greatest rewards of a life well lived and one of the greatest challenges we face. A Life Well Lived … we can assume that’s on the to-do list of everyone throughout time. What will it take for you to have the abundant energy to accomplish this mission easily? Do you suffer day in and day out from fatigue and low energy levels? There are actually some things within your control that can be changed or tweaked to improve your low energy level, but after years, or decades even, of the standard American diet (abbreviated SAD sadly) and the stress that is normal for this day and age, then just making some changes in your lifestyle and living situation may not be enough to reverse the damage done. We want to encourage you to seek the help your body needs to be able to truly the best you can be. At our local HGH Clinics throughout the US, you can find out the answer to that daunting question: Where Can I Get HGH? Human Growth Hormone injection therapy isn’t the magic elixir of our times, but it is the one hormone that is more involved in the processes occurring in our body than any other produced by the endocrine system. We further encourage you to thoroughly educate yourself on these matters, and do not abdicate the responsibility for your abundant good health and your resulting productivity and satisfaction level with the rest of your life over to a medical professional or health care provider. Yes, the task can seem insurmountable to attempt to stay abreast of all the research being done these days, but you can never expect someone else to have your best interest at heart and to be educated on every new development or research advancement. This is why we know the most important thing you can do is to develop a relationship with our HGH Doctors who specialize in human growth hormone injection therapy and other matters relating to HRT Hormone Replacement Therapy. Then the simple question of Where Can I Get HGH will be answered, but so much more value will be added than just that one matter. The place to start is with the Contact Form on this page or the toll-free number above. Let’s start today!

Where Can I Get HGH Legally

First and foremost, you must understand that Human Growth Hormone Injections is a prescription medication, and its uses and purposes for which it can be prescribed by doctors is controlled by the Food & Drug Administration. So let us answer for you the burning question of the day … Where Can I Get HGH Legally? The FDA has decreed that injectable HGH can be prescribed by doctors only for adults if they have a verified growth hormone deficiency. To prescribe HGH Injections for any other purpose is illegal. To provide HGH Injection therapy without a doctor’s prescription is also illegal. All of the major pharmaceutical manufacturers listed below adhere to these policies and allow their injectable HGH therapy medications to be distributed only through fully-licensed and FDA regulated US pharmacies. When dealing with medical needs, it is often very useful to begin your search for information and resources on the Internet. We do have the world at our fingertips with the technology available in this day and time. Keep in mind that anyone from anywhere in the world can set up a fairly nice looking website in a matter of minutes, and with a few more minutes of work they can be accepting major credit cards and look like a legitimate business. This is why it is important for you to know the rules and to understand what is safe when it comes to your health. You cannot depend on what you read on the Internet to be the total sum of all knowledge, and you must use your own good sense to safeguard your health and make the best decisions for your overall health and well-being.  The most important question you can ask is Where Can I Get HGH Legally and then follow through with the less convenient process of calling to talk with the individuals behind the website. Here at Kingsberg Medical, you will find knowledgeable and helpful clinical specialists who answer the phone personally and who can answer your questions and give you all the details in language that you can understand. You won’t be directed to a foreign call center and be forced to deal with hard-to-understand accents. We can also assure you that our clinical specialists won’t inundate your with technical jargon which causes more confusion than clarity. Many of our clinical specialists have been prescribed the exact same programs which you will be prescribed by our doctors who specialize in bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, so you can be sure that they really understand exactly what you want to know to move forward. Your best defense when it comes to knowing the answer to that all important question of Where Can I Get HGH Legally is good old common sense. The law allows our HGH Doctors to supervise your laboratory blood test and physical exam electronically so you can be sent to a convenient local HGH Clinic for your blood work and basic physical exam. You don’t need to worry about long distance travel to comply with the requirements for a face-to-face examination in order to qualify for our doctor prescribed injectable human growth hormone therapy program. However, nothing happens until you contact us … so complete the Contact Form right now, or pick up the phone and give us a call at the toll-free number shown above. We look forward to hearing from you.

Where Can I Get HGH Prescription from a Doctor

We know you want to have an idea of what to expect when you give us a call, so we are happy to outline the process for you and give you the answer to that pressing question Where Can I Get HGH Prescription From A Doctor. This way you will know what information we will need from you and what you can expect from our HGH Doctors and clinical staff each step of the way. These are the key points in the process to get injectable human growth hormone treatment prescribed by a doctor:

  • Start with the Contact Form on this page. This form is delivered directly to our secure server, and one of our clinical specialists will contact you immediately to discuss your particular situation and determine any specific needs unique to your situation. For example, do you travel extensively and have an issue with keeping your medication refrigerated? You can also discuss with this clinical specialists any problems or symptoms you may be experiencing and explore the ways in which HGH injection therapy might be the solution for those issues.
  • You will be directed to complete the Medical History Form as well. The button for this form is at the top of this page. Please be sure to be thorough and complete when filling out this form. This information is critically important to our local doctors who prescribe injectable HGH treatment. When you submit the form, it is delivered to our secure server.  All of your information is held in the strictest confidence. We will never share your information with anyone, and your personal details are only used by our HGH Doctors to determine if you qualify for one of our treatment programs because of having a verified growth hormone deficiency.
  • Now that you have an established relationship with our clinical specialist, this is the person who will be there for you throughout each step of your journey with our hormone replacement therapy programs and to answer that question Where Can I Get HGH Prescription From A Doctor. Your personal clinical specialist will schedule your laboratory blood tests at a local HGH Clinic near your home or office at a time convenient to you. If you have not had a recent physical exam, your clinical specialist can schedule this for you as well. These are the two items, together with your Medical History Form, which our HGH Doctor will require in order to determine if you have a low HGH Level and thus qualify for our human growth hormone injection protocol.
  • If our local HGH Doctor sees that you have a low IGF-1 level, and based on the evidence on the other parts of your chart, determines that you qualify for our injectable HGH therapy program, then a doctor’s prescription will be sent to our fully-licensed and FDA-regulated pharmacy located right here in the US. The pharmacy will deliver your medication, along with all the necessary supplies, directly to your home or office, whichever is more convenient for you. You will need to be available to sign for the package.
  • While our local doctors who specialize in human growth hormone therapy are happy to work with anyone who qualifies for our programs by having a verified deficiency, it is important to note that we do have restrictions on those we are able to treat. We do not treat professional bodybuilders or athletes or those seeking just to improve their physical performance or appearance. Some people who do qualify for our programs by having a growth hormone deficiency will find they consequently have improvements in those areas, but that is not an approved reason for prescribing injectable HGH therapy.

One other note of caution is that we do not treat people younger than the age of 30. We find that most people in their twenties have adequate amounts of growth hormone being produced naturally by their bodies. It can cause a negative effect to begin supplementing a hormone which the body is producing in abundance and consequently cause the body to reduce its natural production of the hormones. Our local doctors who prescribe HGH Injection therapy take this business very seriously, and the Hippocratic Oath states that they must first and foremost seek to do no harm.

For all those over the age of 30, we encourage you to evaluate any negative physical attributes which you may be experiencing and talk with one of our clinical specialists to determine if a low HGH level could be causing your problems. If that turns out to be the situation, then we are only too happy to answer that burning question Where Can I Get HGH Prescription From A Doctor? with a loud and clear direction to our local HGH Clinics at Kingsberg Medical.

Where Can I Get HGH Genotropin

Here at Kingsberg Medical, we pride ourselves on paying particular attention to your individual needs and making sure that our local doctors prescribe the best HGH Injection treatment program for you. So when you are wondering Where Can I Get HGH Genotropin injections, we want you to know that the answer is right here at our local HGH Clinics throughout the US. There are specific advantages to each of the various brands of injectable human growth hormone therapy, and it will be necessary for you to explore the features of each of these brands with your clinical specialist to determine which brand is the best match for your needs. The pharmaceutical manufacturer Pfizer offers three delivery devices for HGH Injection therapy, and we’d like to review the features of these devices so you can make an educated decision about which would be best for your particular situation. When you investigate a way to buy Genotropin online, you will find that there are three very convenient delivery devices, including the Genotropin Miniquick, the 5mg or 12mg pens, and the Genotropin Mixer. Now starting with the last item here, the Genotropin Mixer is used with a cartridge which contains pre-measured and pre-loaded HGH powder and sterile water. You never touch the materials so there is no possibility of contamination or spilling either of them. After you use the Mixer to combine the two materials in the cartridge, then you would use a regular insulin syringe to administer your injectable human growth hormone medication. You could also elect to receive the Genotropin Pen system. The strength of the medication provided, either 5mg or 12mg, would be decided by our HGH doctor who prescribes human growth hormone injection therapy for those who qualify for treatment by having a low IGF-1 level as verified by laboratory medical tests at our local HGH clinics, thus answering one of your most important questions Where Can I Get HGH Genotropin. You will be provided instructional videos from Genotropin as well as printed instruction sheets from our clinic to be sure you are proficient in using these devices. While the Genotropin Mixer and the multi-dose Genotropin HGH Pen 5 and Genotropin HGH Pen 12 offer affordable options for human growth hormone injections, the proverbial Ferrari of the line-up is the Genotropin Miniquick. The Miniquick is by far certainly the most convenient way to use injectable HGH therapy. We know that many people do not have refrigeration conveniently available, there are those who travel frequently, and then there are people who simply value their privacy and do not want to leave personal medication in a communal refrigerator.  For these situations, our local doctors prescribe the Genotropin Miniquick Pen. Similar to the Genotropin HGH Pen 5 or 12 discussed above, the Genotropin Miniquick Pen has a two-chamber cartridge containing the human growth hormone powder on one side and the sterile water on the other. The greatest difference about the Genotropin Miniquick is that it contains a single dose of Genotropin injectable HGH. You never have to refrigerate the Miniquick. You can travel with it and take it anywhere. It is pre-measured and pre-loaded so it is completely safe and accurate to use – even when you are in a hurry … and because you never need to refrigerate the Miniquick, your medication is your business alone. No one else needs to know if you don’t want them to. Your clinical specialist will give you complete and thorough instructions for the Genotropin Miniquick Pen system with both Genotropin instructional videos and our own printed instruction sheets. You can keep these at hand while you take your first HGH Injections with the Genotropin Miniquick or any of the other Genotropin devices. In fact, until you get comfortable with this process, your personal clinical specialist will be available any time you need him or her to be sure you are at ease with this procedure and to answer any other questions you might have in addition to this most important one of Where Can I Get HGH Genotropin. Remember, it all starts with the contact form on this page or with a phone call to the toll-free number at the top of this page. Make that call today!

Where Can I Get HGH Omnitrope

In order to pursue your dreams and goals of a lifetime and to truly adventure forth into that Life Well Lived mission, then you need to know what your options are when it comes to Human Growth Hormone Injection Therapy. One of the other best brands of injectable HGH which our local Doctors prescribe is Omnitrope, produced by Sandoz pharmaceutical located in Austria. So you might wonder Where Can I Get HGH Omnitrope, and rightfully so. Sandoz has been manufacturing biopharmaceuticals throughout the US and the world for more than 25 years. In keeping with the fact that our local doctors prescribe only the best HGH Injections, we have researched and know that Omnitrope by Sandoz has a reputation which has been well established and well earned for the highest quality and purity. They also make it their mission to make it easier and less costly for people to have access to their medications. Since 1954, Sandoz has been in the public eye when they made the cover of Time Magazine for their scientific discoveries. The first recombinant human growth hormone injection approved by the FDA in 2006 was Omnitrope by Sandoz.  Just like the other best brands of injectable HGH which we will discuss here, you should know that Omnitrope HGH injection therapy also has options for different delivery devices. Based on the level of your growth hormone deficiency and other concrete factors regarding your health, our local HGH Doctor will prescribe the appropriate strength and dosage of HGH Injection therapy. After that point, however, your personal clinical specialist will work with you to determine best HGH injection delivery device to fit your particular circumstances. You may opt for the economy of the Omnitrope 5.8 mg vial which could be a great advantage for those on a budget. Your clinical specialist will give you complete and thorough instructions showing you how to reconstitute your Omnitrope HGH vials. You will also be directed to our live in-house videos showing you how to mix the vials and self administer an injection. These videos are made by members of our staff and show real people taking the injections on camera … they are not an animated representation of the injection process or a nurse giving an injection to a practice pad. As always, any time you have any questions, your clinical specialist will be here to answer your questions and provide any assistance you may need. It is a common occurrence for our clinical specialist to be on the phone with our patients while during the first injection process to provide step by step instructions and an added bit of assurance. You may also be wondering Where Can I Get HGH Omnitrope Pen system simply for the added convenience it provides. The Omnitrope 5mg pen or the Omnitrope 10 mg pen provide a significant advantage as they come with the HGH already mixed inside a convenient cartridge. You simply insert the cartridge into the pen, put the injection needle on the end with a twist, and your medication is ready. Complete the short Contact Form or call the toll-free number at the top of this page, and one of our clinical specialists will be happy to give you all the details on this or any other Injectable HGH Therapy delivery device.

Where Can I Get HGH Norditropin

Our mission and our passion at our local HGH Clinics throughout the US are to give you the resources to feel youthful, alive and vibrant every day of your life. Our local doctors who prescribe injectable human growth hormone therapy know that your lifestyle may differ significantly from the next patient, and one HGH Injection delivery device is not going to satisfy every person’s needs. So when our patients ask us Where Can I Get HGH Norditropin devices, we do our homework and make sure our fully-licensed and FDA regulated US pharmacies have what you need to make the most of your hormone replacement therapy program. We are extremely pleased to be able to offer our patients with low HGH levels the incredible convenience of Novo Nordisk’s Norditropin Flexpro Pen system. The feature that makes this injectable human growth hormone delivery device so amazing is that it doesn’t need to be refrigerated after it is activated. The Flexpro Pens were created with the traveler in mind since there are many times when being at home for your daily injection is just not possible.  Prior to their first use, the Norditropin HGH products still need refrigeration, taking care to not let the medication freeze. Be sure to discuss the particulars with your clinical specialist as there are different requirements based on the strength and dosage prescribed by our HGH Doctors. Be sure to follow the guidelines very carefully to assure the quality, potency and safety of your medication. Here in our local HGH Clinics when we are asked Where Can I Get HGH Norditropin, many of our patients are referring to the old familiar NordiFlex Pen system. However, just last year Novo Nordisk redesigned every aspect of the old NordiFlex pen. They have created a new delivery system and they have created significant improvements with the new Norditropin Flexpro pen system. Gone are the old limited dosage specifications of the old NordiFlex HGH Injection devices. The new Flexpro pen allows for a much larger range of dosages so our local doctors who prescribe HGH injections can more accurately meet the needs of the patients at our local HGH Clinics. Our clinical specialists will be happy to answer any questions you might have regarding the differences between the new Flexpro and the old NordiFlex HGH delivery devices. When you follow the procedure we outline on this page to have our local doctors test for low HGH levels, then they will be able to prescribe one of these excellent devices for your injectable human growth hormone therapy program. Knowing how to buy the Norditropin HGH 5mg, 10mg and 15 mg pens will provide you with unparalleled precision for the exact dosage which you were prescribed by our HGH doctor at local clinic near you. Contact our local HGH Clinic today for more information about how to buy the Norditropin HGH pens and start moving forward into the healthiest time of your life.

Where Can I Get HGH Humatrope

At our local HGH Clinics throughout the US, our local doctors who prescribe human growth hormone injection therapy programs are pleased to be able to offer our patients with low IGF-1 level the best brands and highest quality HGH medication and delivery devices available. We are often asked Where Can I Get HGH Humatrope because of the superior quality this device offers our patients. The Humatrope HGH Injection devices from Lilly Pharmaceuticals offers some of the finest delivery devices available for safely and accurately self administering your human growth hormone injection therapy. Founded by Eli Lilly in 1876, Lilly Pharmaceuticals is the 10th largest company of its kind. Lilly has consistently shown over the years how much they value our patients by their excellence, integrity, and respect for people. The Humatrope Pen by Lilly was developed based on this company’s commitment to providing excellent products and medications which the best doctors consider to be necessities. Keep in mind that you can only receive these HGH Injection devices by doctors prescription, and this medication and their injection delivery systems are only prescribed by our HGH Doctors after they thoroughly review your comprehensive blood test, physical exam and your completed Medical History Form. As we have discussed elsewhere on this page, the FDA has determined that only those adults with a verified growth hormone deficiency can be prescribed injectable human growth hormone therapy. Extensive studies and our experiences have shown that this is the only dependable way to increase low growth hormone levels in the human body. This is the reliable and verifiable method for getting you back to the state of vibrant good healthy and energy which you had in your younger days. We do caution you once again to not be lured by less expensive counterfeit medications which do not come through these proper channels and which make offers that you know are too good to be true. When you find an online website that claims to offer Humatrope Somatropin either without a doctors prescription or at a significant discount, stay clear of them. You can be sure this is an illegal operation. We implore you to only consent to be treated by licensed US HGH clinics which are established and reputable such as Kingsberg Medical. You can always place your trust in our HGH Doctors to prescribe only real Humatrope HGH which will be shipped to directly from approved FDA regulated pharmacies located in the US. The answer to your question Where Can I Get HGH Humatrope is clear … right here at Kingsberg Medical. Remember that once reconstituted, your Humatrope Growth Hormone medication must be stored in the refrigerator. Give us a call or send in the Contact Form to talk with one of our clinical specialists and get all the detailed information regarding Humatrope 5mg or 10mg Pens.

Where Can I Get HGH Saizen

To round out our discussion of the different best brands of delivery devices for injectable HGH therapy, we will address the question Where Can I Get HGH Saizen?  Our local doctors who prescribe HGH injections often recommend the Saizen cool.click2. There is one type of patient who comes to us with the opinion that they present an insurmountable objection … that of not being able to self administer the HGH Injections. Thankfully, this HGH Injection delivery device does not use needles. The process is very simple and straight forward – you will be provided detailed instructions for each of these steps. To make reconstituting the medication a breeze, the Saizen cool.click2 comes equipped with convenient connectors that join the pre-filled and pre-measured cartridges of Saizen human growth hormone medication and sterile bacteriostatic water to be reconstituted without any risk of spills, incorrect measurements or contamination. You then pull out the doctor prescribed amount of HGH medication into the device. You press the injector device against the area where you will give the injection – we usually suggest you choose your thigh or tummy area so that it is easy to see and reach – and then depress the device and the HGH medication is passed through a tiny hole in the skin … no needles … really! We have talked to those of you who are died-in-the-wool needle phobes, and we want to assure you that this is the device for you. It may seem like something from a science fiction movie, but it is really available here and now – just for your comfort and convenience. Your clinical specialist will be available to take you step by step through the entire process so you never have to worry about knowing what to do or forgetting an important step. Our patient care is second to none. Please keep in mind that you will still need to go through the normal process of being evaluated by our local doctors who prescribe injectable HGH therapy to determine if you have a growth hormone deficiency and therefore qualify for this human growth hormone injection therapy program. Injectable human growth hormone is regulated by the FDA and is available only by prescription. Our HGH Doctors prescribe human growth hormone injections only after a comprehensive blood test, a physical exam and our Medical History Form have been completed and it has been determined that you have a verified growth hormone deficiency.

For those who ask us Where Can I Get HGH Saizen, there is also the alternative to choose the Saizen EasyPod. This is a very simple and mistake proof method of injecting your HGH treatment. Saizen EasyPod puts everything you need in a device that fits in palm of your hand. It has been specifically designed to work even if you have really small hands. With the Saizen EasyPod, the needle for injection is concealed behind a needle shield, and you never see a thing. You may still feel a slight poke when you give yourself the injection, but it is a minimal discomfort. The EasyPod also has an calendar built into it so that it can keep track of your injections. You will never have to wonder about whether or not you took your injection today. When you first load a cartridge in the device, you set the dosage and then forget about it unless your doctor makes some change in your dosage. The device remembers the correct dosage each time you use it. We also want to mention one other device provided by the makers of Saizen, and that is the ClickEasy which is used for reconstituting your HGH medication. When you check out the ClickEasy, you will see that it contains the sterile water already measured out on one end and the Saizen HGH powder on the other. You twist the device together and depress the plunger and the water and the powder are mixed together without ever coming in contact with the outside area. There is never a chance for contamination, or the possibility of incorrect measuring or spilling. Our HGH Doctors and our clinical specialists are happy to recommend the Saizen EasyPod and ClickEasy devices because they really are as easy as it gets for self administering your human growth hormone injections.

Where Can I Get HGH Prescribed

There comes a time in all of our lives when we really have to take inventory. A business cannot run without knowing what stock there is on the shelves or knowing exactly what service is being provided to the customer. Well, we need to do this for our physical selves as well. In the inventory process, we can evaluate whether our physical, mental, cognitive and emotional abilities are still as keen and sharp as they once were … or are we slipping a little bit … losing our edge. Only you can be the judge of these subjective areas of your life, but our HGH doctors who specialize in hormone replacement therapy can help with the more objective parts of your stock-taking by evaluating your laboratory blood tests and your physical exam. Your personal observations will need to be recorded on the Medical History Form which will be required to complete your chart for our HGH Doctors. In a nutshell, we know you are asking Where Can I Get HGH Prescribed and just what procedure needs to be followed to accomplish this. Our local HGH Clinics provide a way of finding HGH For Sale because we understand the debilitating signs and symptoms of aging and what happens in the body when the hormone production in your endocrine system can no longer keep up. Take a look at the list below, and see which ones you can identify for yourself. Once you have passed the age of 30, you can be sure some of these will be showing up for you. Once you’ve passed 40 and beyond, many of these symptoms will be showing up in a major way. At our local HGH clinics, the doctors tell us that at age 60 the naturally occurring growth hormone in the body is about half as much as it was at age 30. The only way to turn the tide on these negative symptoms is by replacing the growth hormone in the body and restoring a state and condition of good health once again. Which of these can you identify today:

  • Low Energy and Fatigue – Lack of Stamina
  • Weight Gain, particularly Hard-to-Lose Fat
  • Slower Metabolism
  • Wrinkles (Loss of Skin Elasticity)
  • Cellulite – build of fat stores in the abdomen
  • Low Sex Drive
  • Loss of Lean Muscle Mass
  • Memory Loss – Brain Fog
  • Lack of Focus
  • Dull and Thinning Hair
  • Increased Recovery Time from Wounds and Illness
  • High Cholesterol
  • Joint and Muscle Aches and Pain
  • Depression or a Sense of Malaise

You’ve found the answer to the biggest question of the day – Where Can I Get HGH Prescribed? The answer is right here at the local HGH Clinics of Kingsberg Medical. Give us a call at the toll-free number at the top of this page, and let’s get started today.

Where Can You Get HGH Injections

While the previous section had you taking stock of the negative things going on in your body and in your life, in general, this section is devoted to the good stuff. We want to take some time to pain the big picture and help you understand what it is you’re looking forward to when you answer that all-important question of Where Can You Get HGH Injections? You are probably starting to get the idea that Human Growth Hormone benefits can be truly life-changing. This one hormone affects so very many aspects of our physical health, mental health and overall appearance and health and well-being. Let’s get started with the list of good things … Injectable HGH therapy benefits include, but are not limited to:

  • Increased Energy and Stamina
  • Increase in Sexual Desire and Performance
  • Increased Metabolism
  • Weight Loss (even without diet and exercise)
  • Reduction of Cellulite
  • Increased Skin Elasticity (younger-looking, smoother skin)
  • Increased Focus and Memory – feeling “on point”
  • Increased Lean Muscle Mass and Joint Flexibility
  • Thickening more lustrous hair
  • Sharper Eyesight
  • Reduced Cholesterol
  • Decreased Muscle and Joint Pain
  • Increased Bone Density
  • Healthier Heart Rate
  • Improved Immunity, including Resistance to Flu and Colds.
  • Faster Healing of Wounds and Recovery from Illness
  • Organ Growth (internal organs, including the brain, shrink with age)
  • Enhanced Immune System and General Health
  • Deeper, More Restful Sleep
  • Heightened sense of well being, emotional stability and reduction of stress

Whether you remember or not, this is what most of our lives were like in our younger days … when we were in our twenties. It is definitely true that Injectable HGH Human Growth Hormone therapy proves that you can feel younger in a very short amount of time, and youth does not need to be wasted on the young anymore! Our local HGH doctors specializing in growth hormone treatments understands how to review your lab reports and put together a program of treatment including Injectable HGH therapy with the specific purpose to increase low HGH levels and bring you back to a state of youthful vitality. We have the answer to that important question Where Can You Get HGH Injections.  HGH Therapy begins to work just as soon as you take your first HGH injection, but at first many of the changes you experience will go unseen. Usually, it takes about six to eight weeks before you notice significant HGH effects. Let’s run through the calendar of your first six-month phase of HGH injection treatment, and see what you can look forward to:

  • During the first month, you will start feeling an increase in stamina and a general increase in energy. You will probably be getting more restful sleep, too. Many people report that they are generally more at ease mentally and have a more content state of mind.
  • During the second month, many people begin to see some fat loss, especially in those hard-to-lose areas around the abdomen and stomach. This fat loss is primarily due HGH injection therapy improving your overall metabolism. Toward the end of this second month, you will probably start to see some improvement in muscle tone. If you pay close attention to your skin tone, you will probably also notice that your skin elasticity has increased and that any wrinkles or fine lines are becoming less noticeable. Many people report that their hair and nails are growing stronger during this time period.
  • During the third month, you are likely to begin experiencing some return of the feelings of youthfulness with an increased focus and mental acuity. If you have been experiencing joint and muscle aches and pains, you will probably see an increase in flexibility and that those aches and pains have faded away. Many people report that they feel more motivated and have a feeling of drive they haven’t felt in years. It is also around this time that the long-lost friend … your sex drive begins to show up again. We frequently hear what a wonderful addition it is to the overall quality of life to have an increase in sexual desire and performance which really adds much color and joy to the closest relationships we have in our lives.
  • Your fourth month of HGH Injection therapy will herald an even greater increase in mental focus. You will probably see an even greater improvement in the appearance of your skin tone, nails and hair. Most people who had room for improvement in their physical condition see that they have a continued weight loss and are developing more lean muscle mass, and in general, they are seeing an improvement in their overall physique.
  • After five months of injectable HGH treatment, the body continues to exhibit weight loss if it is needed to get back to a place of abundant health. The skin’s overall condition continues to improve and see a reduction in wrinkles and fine lines. You will probably hear comments from people wondering what you’re doing to cause such an improvement in your skin tone and to have such healthy hair.
  • By the time you are completing your first course of HGH injection therapy, you can take stock of new you. This will include:
  • A measurable decrease in body fat percentage, especially around stomach and abdomen. Most people report a reduction of about five to 10 percent without diet or exercise.
  • You should also see in overall increase in lean muscle mass of about ten percent giving you a greatly improved physique and toned and sculpted body
  • An overall improvement in health and wellness due to organ re-growth since we know that all internal organs, including the brain, actually shrink with age

Even if you are the sort of health conscious person who does take care of your body, you will find that the advancing years and the decline in growth hormone production will take its toll on your overall vitality and sense of well-being. Our local doctors who specialize in low HGH treatment know that while it is definitely a good thing to be responsible and take care of your health, it is not enough by itself. It is critically important to seek out the answer to that question Where Can You Get HGH Injections. Replacing diminished human growth hormone with injectable HGH Therapy is the most effective way to regain the health and exuberance that you knew when you were in your younger days. Join us for this journey as we turn back the clock on aging and combat the debilitating effects of diminished hormone production. The battle is on … we are winning! Give us a call today – or simply complete the short Contact Form on this page, and one of our clinical specialists will contact you right away.


Katie M. in San Antonio TX writes:

I could write volumes about my aches and pains that started about the time I entered puberty. I use to lay in bed at night and cry because everything hurt so bad. At first, I just used over the counter pain killers, but eventually I developed an ulcer and had to find other ways of coping. I’ve been through a long list of specialists, and then pain clinics and holistic healers and acupuncture (which did help a bit). I’ve tried faith healers and herbal therapies. I’ve changed my diet radically, and still I was suffering from a bone deep aching that never really went away. The consensus was pretty much that I had chronic fatigue syndrome and fibromyalgia but not all my symptoms agreed with those diagnoses so it was hard to be sure what exactly was wrong. I happened to catch a little mention on a friend’s facebook page about much growth hormone injections were helping with her back pain issues. I asked her for a doctor to contact, and she told me about your local HGH clinic in San Antonio TX where the doctor could test me for low HGH levels and possibly prescribe injectable human growth hormone therapy. Well, I followed through and was really thrilled to find out that I qualified for treatment. Since I’ve been taking the HGH Injections for several months now, I’m really leading a whole new life. I still have bad days where I can’t do anything much, but the really big thrill is that I often have good days where I act like a pretty much normal person. I never knew this was what my body needed all along. I would just advise anyone with physical issues that won’t go away to get their hormone levels checked by a doctor who specializes hormone replacement therapy because you just never know.

Carrie N. in San Diego CA emailed:

Ok short and sweet … I’ve lost over 50 pounds since I got tested by your HGH doctors in San Diego CA. I wasn’t really thinking of this as a weight loss program, but my mom started taking doctor prescribed HGH injections and she said she felt soooo much better that she actually paid for me to go get tested. My levels were low, but I really didn’t think it was related to my being overweight. Once I connected with your clinical specialist at your local HGH clinic, who by the way really knows her stuff, I scheduled the blood work by your doctor who tests for low HGH levels. I’m really happy with how this has worked out. I did lose weight fast because I had so much more energy. I could tell my metabolism had really picked up. I’m really glad I found you all. Thank you.

Geo K. in Cambridge MA wrote:

My wife and I met in college here in Cambridge, and quite honestly the sparks just flew. It was a really nice way to start a relationship. So now here we are 15 years later with a couple of little ones and all the normal house, mortgage, car payments, career and social obligations. Somewhere along the way, we kind of lost track of the spark, the romance … the passion. Life wasn’t exactly routine – there was always something that needed to be dealt with, but in the bedroom, the routine had set in and it wasn’t pretty any more. I was really getting worried, and I was really feeling responsible. Well to cut to the chase, last holiday season my sister and her husband were at my house and they were acting like a couple of teenagers. If I hadn’t been so jealous, it would have been embarrassing. That night my wife told me that she and my sister had a long talk about the birds and the bees, and she had the number for your local HGH Clinic in Cambridge MA. In the process of getting evaluated by your doctor who tests for low growth hormone levels and all that, we found out that we were pretty low in other areas as well. Both my wife and I went for the synergistic effects of taking injectable HGH along with testosterone replacement therapy (injections for me – cream for my wife). We also added in a medication called Sermorelin because it helps get the body back to producing more of its own growth hormone naturally. This was a wonderful investment in our future. I mean our kids are young, and my wife and I plan on being together a really long time. We don’t want to start living like old people just yet. This doctor prescribed HGH treatment has really had a positive effect in all areas of life, too. I mean sure it has really been nice to have an active romantic life again, but we have more energy throughout the day. We get out and play with the kids, we have the neighbors over with their families, we do stuff with our family, and we’ve become more active in our church. It really is a wonderful change. Thank you very much.

Zachary L. in West Palm Beach FL called in:

Let me tell you all … I love to play golf. That’s why I live in West Palm Beach FL. I play year round and love every minute of it. I’ve never been good enough to play professionally, but I am considered a scratch golfer and I’ve been in some pro/am events. So when I tee’d off one day and heard a funny sound in my shoulder, I was none too happy. I was equally unhappy when the pain in my shoulder and my arm brought tears to my eyes. I went through all the normal doctors and therapy and treatments to try and get my shoulder healed back up, but it was starting to look bad. I just couldn’t get back in the game. I was really sad – like mourning the loss of a dear friend. What I didn’t understand was why it would not heal. I started talking to everyone I knew about healing from injuries, and it was my wife who found out about the functions of growth hormone in the body … how it helps us bounce back from injuries when we are younger, but how later in life, it is so much harder to recover from injuries because this growth hormone level drops off in later years. I found your HGH Clinic here in Palm Beach County and talked to the doctor who tests for low HGH levels. The tests showed that I was growth hormone deficient, and I qualified for injectable HGH therapy. It was not a quick fix, but it was a step in the right direction. It took about 3 months worth of therapy before I really noticed a difference, but at least I was improving. Without the HGH Injections, I was just staying the same and even getting worse at times. I’m now a little past 6 months of HGH injections, and my physical therapist is really pleased with my progress. In fact, she’s recommending that all of her hard-to-heal patients go get checked out to see if a low growth hormone level is their problem. I do expect to be back on the links soon … can I hear a Wahoo!

Cynthia S. in Burbank CA wrote:

I am so grateful that I found out about human growth hormone therapy. I was considering getting surgery for my aging issues, and I really was not looking forward to all the consequences that go with that … the possibility of scars and not healing well, infection, looking unnatural for a while. I really didn’t want to look like someone else. I wanted to look like me, and not me 30 years ago. I wanted to look like a healthy and happy version of my 55 year old self. I work hard to keep myself in good shape, but I just couldn’t deal with all the sagging and the loss of tone in my skin. Of all people, I noticed my mother looking really … well … just better. She had injured her knee slipping on a piece of ice in a store, and her doctor had prescribed HGH injections because she was healing so slowly. But looking at her face now about 2 or 3 months after she started the injections … well she just looks radiant. I did some research and found out that saggy and lack-luster skin tone is one of the symptoms of growth hormone deficiency and that improved skin tone and elasticity is one of the major benefits of the treatment. I contacted Kingsberg Medical because I wanted a local HGH Clinic in Burbank CA and a doctor who prescribes HGH Injections and really knows his stuff – or her stuff – and I had the blood tests and all. It turns out my growth hormone production was off-the-chart low, and I probably had a host of issues that I didn’t know about yet. For one thing, my work has picked up. I work in the public eye, and looking healthy and vibrant is really important. Apparently I’m not the only one who thinks I look better now. I’m really glad I found you all.

Frequently Asked Questions

Susan W. in Jacksonville FL: Where can I get HGH from in Florida? Do I need a doctor’s prescription to get growth hormone injections?

Yes, Susan, a doctor’s prescription is required to get HGH injections, and the only way to get a doctor to prescribe injectable human growth hormone is if you have a verified deficiency in growth hormone production. Get in touch with one of our HGH Clinics in Jacksonville FL, or anywhere else in Florida for that matter, by completing the Contact Form on this page or by giving us a call at the toll-free number shown at the top of this page. Our clinical specialist will be happy to arrange for you to have a laboratory blood test and a physical exam if you have not had one recently. These highly qualified specialists are your liaison with our local doctors who specialize in HGH therapy and will be happy to give you all the details regarding the various injectable human growth hormone delivery devices and answer any questions you might have. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

Lee B. Indianapolis IN: Where can U get HGH by a doctor prescription in Indiana?

We understand that U are accustomed to using Internet jargon and that you want to know Where Can U get HGH by a doctor prescription in Indianapolis IN.  We will answer you in regular grammatically correct English if you don’t mind. Lee, you can get injectable HGH therapy treatment from our local HGH clinics with a doctors prescription. This is the most reliable way to go about getting the treatment you need to relieve your debilitating conditions and symptoms of a low HGH level. It starts with getting tested by our local doctors who test for growth hormone deficiencies, and if you qualify, then our pharmacy will ship the injectable HGH directly to your home along with all the necessary supplies. Your personal clinical specialist will make sure that you are completely confident with the self-administering your injections by showing your our own in-house videos showing real people taking injections (not animated representations), as well as provide you with printed instructions, and if needed, he or she will stay on the phone to take you step by step through your first injection. You are our priority here at Kingsberg Medical HGH Clinics in Indiana! You can count on us.

Will R. in San Francisco CA: Where can I get HGH in Canada?

We don’t deal with medication from Canada, Will.  The HGH doctors at our local hormone replacement therapy clinics in San Francisco CA only prescribe medication which has been produced by pharmaceutical companies and is distributed by pharmacies which are regulated and watched over by the FDA. It is only in this way that we can be absolutely sure that you are getting real HGH Injections without a chance of contamination or counterfeit medications being substituted. We understand that there are Internet companies which sell medications from Canada and they purport to be less expensive than our American brands, however, it is just too much of a risk in our opinion to take a medication which comes from an unregulated and even unknown source. Many times we hear reports of medication which comes from a Canadian supplier, but the label on the bottle or packaging is in another language and its source is unknown. Don’t take chances with your health, Will. Stick with the winners in an established and reputable HGH Clinic where safety standards are the norm.

Robb L. in Columbus OH: Can you tell me where to get real HGH injections? I read about the injectable HGH from other countries being dangerous – can you tell me more?

It is wise to be wary, Robb. Our buzz words are “established and reputable” for your search to find an HGH Clinic in Columbus OH. You really need to be sure that you find people you can talk to and who understand your situation and who you can understand. It’s not just a matter of language … it is a matter of communication. Many of our clinical specialists and doctors who prescribe injectable human growth hormone have also used this medication for their own growth hormone deficiencies. There are studies which show that HGH Injection therapy is one prescription which HGH Doctors most often write for themselves. It all starts with getting tested to see if you qualify for the medication, so give us a call today.

Natalie E. Fort Worth TX: How can I find out where can I get HGH online? Can I buy HGH Injections online, too?

In this day and age, Natalie, we all think of the convenience of our computers and Internet devices first. It is an amazing age in which we live. However, in the case you can begin the process of being tested for low HGH levels, but you will need to have some interaction with our HGH clinic in Fort Worth TX to have your laboratory blood test and to have a physical exam. These are requirements along with completing the Medical History Form (the button is at the top of the page – once you complete it online, it comes into our secure server and is stored safely).  Once your records are complete, then our local doctors who prescribe HGH Injection therapy will be able to review your details and determine if your qualify for our human growth hormone replacement therapy programs.

Edgar W. Charlotte NC: Where Can I Get HGH Pills? Do they really work?

We really do understand the lure of the HGH Pills as well as the HGH Sprays, Edgar, but you have asked the most important question. Will they work? In a word, no! They don’t work, Edgar. When you take a pill of any sort, it must pass through the stomach without being digested in order to reach the small intestine and have a possibility of being absorbed. Even with enteric coating, the amino acid chain that makes up the human growth hormone polypeptide is easily digested and never gets absorbed by the body. Check with our local doctors who test for low HGH levels to find out if you qualify for our injectable HGH therapy program, and if you do, then we can discuss the injection devices used to get human growth hormone into your body in a way that it will do the most good. Our local HGH clinics in Charlotte NC will be able to get you started and support your needs.

Terry F. Detroit MI: Where do you get HGH Injections legally? Is your injectable human growth hormone made in the US?

At our HGH Clinics in Detroit MI and throughout the US, our local doctors prescribe only the best HGH injections from the major manufacturers of human growth hormone.  Each of these manufacturers operates pharmaceutical laboratories which have been fully authorized by the FDA, and they provide their medications only through licensed and FDA-regulated pharmacies here in the US. Please talk with one of our clinical specialists or with our local doctors who prescribe injectable HGH to determine the features of the delivery system which will best suit your needs. While all human growth hormone is made to the same exacting standards, there is quite a wide variation in the devices used to deliver the HGH Injection. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

JJ in El Paso TX: How can I find out where to get real HGH injections? I want to be sure I’m getting legal HGH injections from a US pharmacy.

It is always a pleasure, JJ, to talk with someone who has done their homework. We encourage people all day, every day to only deal with local HGH Clinics who are established and reputable. At Kingsberg Medical, our HGH Doctors only prescribe injectable human growth hormone which is delivered directly to your home or office from one of our fully-licensed FDA-regulated pharmacies located right here on US soil. We know that in El Paso TX it is possible to find HGH injections which come into the country illegally, and we strongly encourage people to avoid those operations at all costs. There is no what of knowing what they are actually providing, and you can not be sure if you are receiving real HGH injections or not. Stick with the winners, JJ, and be sure of knowing how to get legal HGH injections every time.

Jill G. in Memphis TN: Where can I get HGH injections in Tennessee?

First things first please, Jill, and first we need to see if you qualify for injectable human growth hormone therapy. Your first step is to be tested for a low HGH Level by one of our local doctors who tests for low IGF-1 levels. Let us give a brief explanation here … the IGF-1 level will indicate that your body is producing too little growth hormone in the pituitary gland. In a healthy body, the pituitary gland will be secreting growth hormone throughout the day and night. Any blood test taken will only show the amount of growth hormone available at that moment, and it will not be an accurate representation of what is actually happening in your body. When the growth hormone is received by the liver, however, it secretes insulin-like growth factor-1 in a steady amount. This compound can be measured by our local doctors who test for low HGH levels at our local clinic in Memphis TN, and give us a clear picture of your current state of health. Check in with one of our clinical specialists for more information and to schedule your tests today.

Kerry N. in Baltimore MD: Where can I get HGH supplements? Are they effective?

We do hear this question quite regularly, Kerry, and we understand that the cost of HGH injections represents a significant investment for some of our patients. We do wish to stress, however, that there is no manner of taking human growth hormone that is effective and worth the cost except by injection. Here’s a bit of the science behind the reason for this:  human growth hormone is a 191-amino acid chain, and in the scheme of things, that is quite a large molecule. The only way to get that into the body so that it can actually be used by the body is by injection. Don’t be misled into thinking that the oral HGH preparations are economical substitutes. There is no HGH pill or HGH spray which can effectively deliver human growth hormone to the body. The size of the molecule makes it impossible for HGH spray to be absorbed sublingually, and any HGH pill will just be digested in the stomach. We suggest that you give our local HGH Clinic in Baltimore MD a call for further information and to schedule a test to see if you have a growth hormone deficiency and qualify for HGH Injection therapy.

Damien M. in Boston MA: Where do I get HGH injections in the Boston vicinity? Do I need a doctor’s prescription?

Yes, Damien, the only way to get legal HGH Injections is with a doctor’s prescription, and the only way to get doctor prescribed Injectable Human Growth Hormone is by contacting our local HGH Clinic in Boston MA and getting your blood test and physical exam done. You will also need to complete the Medical History Form at the top of this page to complete your chart for our local doctors who specialize in bioidentical hormone replacement therapy. We strongly encourage everyone to always follow these procedures to find out where to get HGH Injections throughout the US because this is the only way to be sure that you are getting real authentic human growth hormone injections and not some cheap imitation made in an unregulated manufacturing plant in some foreign country. Never take chances when it comes to your health and well-being.

Christopher K. in Seattle WA: Where can I get HGH in US with a doctor’s prescription? I want to be sure I’m getting legal HGH Injections.

You are definitely asking the right question, Christopher. We know from our own research and the comments from our patients that the Internet is full of ways to get cheap illegal HGH products. We fight the never ending battle of encouraging people to safeguard their health and well-being by never ever dealing with these fly-by-night companies. You can get started with our local HGH Clinic in Seattle WA by filling out our Contact Form on this page or by giving us a call on the toll-free number shown at the top of this page. We want everyone to know that the only way to get doctor prescribed legal HGH Injections is by getting tested and having it verified that you have a growth hormone deficiency. The sooner you get started – the sooner you’ll start feeling energetic and healthy … just like you did when you were in your twenties.

Dawn L. in Washington DC: Where can I find a doctor who specializes in HGH Therapy in the Washington DC area? I really need to lose weight fast, and a friend told me that growth hormone therapy might help.

You are right on target, Dawn, but let’s not get the cart before the horse. Yes, we would be happy to help you at our local clinic in Washington DC. Simply give us a call on the toll-free number, and one of our clinical specialists will schedule the necessary appointments for a comprehensive blood test and physical exam. Human Growth Hormone injection therapy isn’t really a weight loss program, however, weight gain and excess fat stores can be a symptom of low energy and fatigue which are often related to growth hormone deficiencies. When low HGH levels are restored to normal, our patients find that their metabolism begins to rev back up to the normal range and excess fat stored on the body tends to melt away without strenuous exercise and restrictive dieting. Contact one of our local doctors who test for low HGH levels today.

Curtis M. in Nashville TN: Where can I get tested for low HGH locally?

Well, Curtis, the best place to start would be our local HGH Clinics in Nashville TN. Here at Kingsberg Medical, it is our mission and our passion to help everyone who suffers from the ravages of low HGH levels. It is truly mind boggling how far-reaching the effects of low HGH levels can be. Growth hormone has a purpose and a function in practically every cell of the body, and when you are dealing with a low HGH level, you find low energy, fatigue and low sex drive to be like the tip of the iceberg of physical difficulties and challenges. With a doctor’s test to determine the level of your growth hormone deficiency, then we could determine the best HGH injection protocol to fit your needs and your lifestyle. We look forward to hearing from you either on the toll-free number shown at the top of this page, or simply complete the short Contact Form on this page.

Gabriel I. in Miami Beach FL: Is there a local HGH Clinic in Miami FL South Florida area?

Yes, Gabriel, actually South Florida is home to our HGH Clinic’s headquarters, and believe me … we understand the challenges which face Miami and Ft. Lauderdale residents in a way that no other clinic can. We live in an environment where aging is the last thing anyone wants to do, and yet we live in a culture where aging is all around us. We see the effects of a lifetime of stress and poor decisions on the faces of the withered aged ones every time we go outside. However, we also see those who seem to defy the advancing years and maintain their youthful exuberance with little or no regard for the passing days on the calendar. The question you have to answer, Gabriel, is which one of those groups you wish to belong to. You can be sure that with our HGH Doctors who specialize in bioidentical hormone replacement therapy in your proverbial corner, you will be the one tango’ing on the Hollywood Beach boardwalk for as many years as you wish.

Ricky M. in Ft. Lauderdale FL: How do I know if I’m getting Legal HGH?

That’s a very responsible question to ask Ricky, and the answer is really simple. You’ve seen our buzz words: reputable and established throughout this website. You absolutely must deal only with those HGH Clinics which are reputable and established like ours here in Ft. Lauderdale FL, and be sure you can actually speak with someone who can answer your questions and address your concerns in a way that makes sense to you. Do not ever go for the less expensive offer simply because you would be saving a few dollars. Always remember that if it seems too good to be true, then it probably is too good to be true. As much as the FDA tries to control the influx of illegal and counterfeit medications into our country, it is not possible to catch them all. However, you can do your homework and make sure that your medication is delivered from an FDA-regulated fully licensed US pharmacy, such as those used by Kingsberg Medical.

Judyth F. in Las Vegas NV: Does a low IGF-1 level mean I need more growth hormone?

Yes, Judyth, that is exactly what that means, and living there in Nevada, you probably feel the effects of a low IGF-1 level profoundly. When the body’s pituitary gland produced growth hormone, it does so in waves throughout the day, and any blood test taken would probably be incorrect in reflecting the actual level of growth hormone in your system. However, researchers have found out that when growth hormone is released into the circulatory system, then it is received in the liver and results in a release of Insulin Growth Factor 1 or IGF-1 for short. This IGF-1 is released in a consistent and sustained amount throughout the day. Our local doctors who test for low IGF-1 levels can rather accurately determine if you are suffering from a low HGH level by taking this simple blood test. Contact one of our clinical specialists today at our local HGH Clinic in Las Vegas NV to find out more and to schedule a convenient blood test and physical exam at a nearby office.

Rocky T. in Atlanta GA: I’m a competitive body builder, and I’d like to buy HGH legally?

As you have probably read elsewhere on this website, we do not work with bodybuilders or professional athletes for one very simple reason. The FDA has approved human growth hormone injections for adults who have a low growth hormone level and for no other adults under any circumstances. Our local doctors are not allowed to prescribe HGH injections for those seeking to improve their body building efforts, for professional athletes or for cosmetic enhancement. Now that we have that out of the way, we need to turn the tables and ask you a question or two. You don’t say how old you are, but if you are over the age of 30, then there is a possibility that your lifestyle, diet and stress level have taken a toll on your endocrine system and slowed your pituitary gland’s production of growth hormone to the point that you have a verifiable deficiency. We would suggest that you contact our local HGH clinic in and around Atlanta GA for more information. However, if you are under the age of 30, it is unlikely that this will be the case and we encourage you to look for more natural means for improving your condition.

Cory E. in Oakland CA: Does HGH interfere with my sperm production?

We are glad you asked that question, Cory. Our clinical specialists are available to answer questions just like this for each and every one of our patients and we recommend the one-on-one approach since there are probably more concerns than just this one which you have voiced. We have no evidence that your sperm count will be effected one way or the other by human growth hormone injection treatment. We know that overall your body will improve in health and well-being, and it is possible that all of your organs and glands may start to work more efficiently because of having their needs met on a cellular level. Speak with our local doctors who specialize in HGH injection therapy there in Oakland CA to get more detailed answers to your questions and to address any other concerns you may have. As always, we are here to make sure that you are one hundred percent comfortable with the course of therapy being prescribed by our local doctors.

Leigh M. in Louisville KY: Where can I find a local doctor who tests for low HGH levels?

That is the most important question you can ask, Leigh, because without that information we can’t move forward to make positive changes in your overall health and well-being. The doctors who prescribe injectable Human Growth Hormone therapy can test you there at our local HGH clinics in Louisville KY and throughout the US to find out if you are suffering from the debilitating effects of a low growth hormone level. With doctor prescribed HGH injection therapy, you can begin to replace the growth hormone that is not being produced by your pituitary gland. In cases where your growth hormone production is very low, then HGH injections are prescribed by our local doctors who specialize in hormone replacement therapy to get you back on the road to feeling and looking healthy again. Discuss the possibility of Sermorelin injections with your clinical specialist because in some cases our HGH doctors will recommend this adjunct treatment to help jump-start your pituitary gland into making its own growth hormone again. We look forward to hearing from you soon – simply complete the contact form on this page or give us a call at the toll-free number shown at the top of this page.