Low Testosterone Treatment at “Kingsberg Medical”

Low Testosterone Treatment

Low testosterone treatment at “Kingsberg Medical” involves using bio-identical, prescribed, 100 percent pure injections to replace the missing testosterone hormone that depletes with age. This is a very popular option for ridding of the symptoms of low T for those over 30.

Testosterone has been considered to be the most important hormone for males. In general, it helps the male body to stay strong, to keep endurance and stamina high, to keep sexual abilities strong and emotions stabilized. Women need this hormone too for the same reasons, but in much smaller amounts.

Low testosterone treatment options include:

  • Testosterone replacement therapy (TRT)
  • Natural methods for raising low T levels

Research has proven that when TRT and natural methods are used together, a man will get the best possible results. He will have to commit to the process and follow his individually prescribed treatment plan and injection schedule.

Treatment for low testosterone in males with Kingsberg Medical has proven very successful over the past few decades. The clinic is highly reputable and follows everything necessary to provide legal, safe and effect treatment for those who qualify.

Low Testosterone Treatment Options

We discussed the two (2) options for low testosterone treatment for men and now we will talk about them more in depth. It is important to become educated as to how one can help themselves along with working with the licensed doctors and skilled clinical advisors at any clinic.

Testosterone replacement therapy is the use of 100 percent pure injectable medications that are actual replicas of the hormone that the body naturally produces (in the testicles for men and in the ovaries for women). These injections must be prescribed by a licensed doctor after the patient has been blood tested and demonstrates that they have a low T deficiency.

In addition, the physician will create an entirely unique treatment plan based on what the client needs. The doctor will use information from a physical exam and a medical history as well to help determine the correct prescription that he or she will write for the patient. They will then also provide full medical supervision for the client.

  • Treatment for low testosterone levels using natural methods:

The best treatment for low testosterone involves TRT combined with several natural methods that patients are taught to practice. These include:

  • Eating the right foods including those that are high in protein. Patients should intake the right kinds of fats including omega – 3 fatty acids (found in fish) and other kinds of fats that are necessary for optimal health. The only kind of fat one is advised to stay away from is trans-fats.
  • Staying away from refined sugars such as fructose corn syrup and like sugars is best.
  • Intake the recommended amount of zinc and vitamin D.
  • Exercising correctly and often is optimal. The best treatment for low testosterone levels in males will involve lifting heavier weights for shorter repetitions. Working out larger muscle groups is also advised. Doctors will say that longer periods of aerobic exercise are very healthy, but this is not what will increase testosterone levels like high intensity weight lifting will.
  • Getting plenty of deep and restful sleep. When the body is in deep slumber, it will heal, restore its cells and tissues and produce testosterone. Eight hours per night of sleep minimum is recommended.
  • Never smoke. Smoking is detrimental to every part of the mind and the body. It ages a body much faster than nature will as well as decrease testosterone levels at a very quick speed.
  • Alcoholic consumption is fine as long as it is done responsibly and in moderation.

When using both TRT and natural methods to raise testosterone levels into “normal” and healthy ranges, the benefits of low testosterone treatment are many. We have put together a chart below to show how much a person can gain from treatment of low testosterone with Kingsberg Medical.

What are the physical, emotional, mental and sexual benefits of low testosterone treatments

Physical benefits Emotional benefits Mental benefits Sexual benefits
Bursting energy Less depression Stronger mental acuity Stronger sexual libido
Greater stamina Less anxiety Less forgetfulness Stronger sexual desire
Greater endurance Lower irritability Better memory Increased sperm count
Stronger skin elasticity: Less wrinkles, crow’s feet and sagging skin Less agitation and anger outbursts; better control over angst Better ability to concentrate and focus on daily tasks The elimination of erectile dysfunction with stronger and longer lasting erections
Thicker hair growth and less balding Overall better emotional stability   Less hot flashes and night sweats
Stronger bone mineral density A better outlook on the future   Stronger orgasms
Less chance for osteoporosis Less mood wings    
Lower cholesterol levels Higher overall self esteem    
Lower triglyceride levels      
Less risk for heart problems or stroke      
Less risk for diabetes      
Weight loss      
More noticeable muscle gain      
Faster metabolism      
Stronger immune system      
Getting sick less often      
Faster healing from injury      
Growing organs      

The treatments for low testosterone that are offered from Kingsberg Medical are proven to be successful. For decades, this clinic has been satisfying client needs with their professional staff of licensed physicians and knowledgeable and caring clinical advisors.

They offer the correct kind of testing and then a doctor’s analyzation of test results. This physician will correctly diagnose, prescribe the right medications and be available for medical supervision during the entire therapeutic protocol.

Low testosterone treatment at Kingsberg Medical is well talked about and there are testimonials and reviews to prove it. They are one of the number one providers of treatment for low testosterone levels in males. They will continue to pay attention to all new and innovative research that comes out, along with tending to their patients’ every need during therapy.