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How to Get HGH Prescribed by Doctors in the US

How To Get HGH Prescribed by a Doctor

If you are over thirty and suffering from the signs and symptoms of aging, you have come to the right place to learn how to get HGH.

HGH is human growth hormone – one of the most essential of all hormones in the body. It is only available by prescription. Purchasing HGH online without prior authorization is illegal in the US.

Knowing how to get HGH injections the right way – legally – can protect you from prosecution. You also want to know that the treatment you use is safe and that only comes from a legal purchase of human growth hormones.

You will have to complete the following steps for how to get HGH from a doctor:

  • Schedule your medical consultation to evaluate if you are a potential candidate for hormone replacement therapy
  • Go to a local lab for a blood specimen collection for hormone deficiency testing
  • Undergo a physical examination to assess your health
  • Fill out a comprehensive medical questionnaire detailing all medications, treatments, and health issues now and in the past
  • Follow-up consultation to discuss the findings and any prescribed treatment

If applicable to your situation, a prescription for HGH injections at your approved dosage will be provided. You will also discuss potential HGH brands and injector styles to select the one best suited to your needs. All medications ship directly from the US pharmacy to your door.

Why Do You Need a Doctor to Prescribe HGH?

You may have all the signs of growth hormone deficiency, but that does not mean your problem is related to HGH. Other medical issues can be the cause of your symptoms. Only a doctor can determine who requires hormone replacement therapy.

Blood analysis is not the only factor that goes into this decision. Adults wondering how to get HGH from my doctor should take heed – only hormone specialists should prescribe hormone replacement. This is a highly specialized field of medicine. When you adjust one hormone, others are affected. Hormone balancing requires expertise and proper supervision.

Asking how to get HGH prescribed by a doctor is the first step towards a major health and well-being improvement. Finding the right medical provider can change your life. Instead of feeling tired, sick, and depressed all the time, your life can transform in a few short months.

Those individuals who wonder how to get HGH without a doctor put their bodies at risk for serious side effects. Increasing HGH levels higher than normal can lead to:

  • Edema
  • Diabetes
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome
  • High cholesterol
  • And other health issues

Can I Get HGH Injections Online?

Some people turn to the internet to find out how to get HGH cheap and without a prescription. This is a dangerous prospect to consider.

Here are the reasons why you should never buy HGH illegally without a prescription:

  • Some of the illegally bought HGH entering the country is counterfeit
  • Counterfeit HGH may contain harmful ingredients or bacterial residue leftover from manufacturing
  • Legitimate US companies require prescriptions – businesses that do not are from other countries
  • You have no recourse when an illegal HGH purchase goes wrong
  • Fraudulent companies set up short-term websites to collect money before shutting down without a trace – they send no products
  • Your illegal HGH is subject to confiscation upon entering the US
  • You may receive HGH that is diluted, expired, or switched for other medications

By learning how to get legit HGH from a licensed US pharmacy, you avoid these concerns.

Where is the Best Place to Get HGH?

The best place to get HGH injections is from a fully regulated US pharmacy. To do so, you first must complete the steps for how to get HGH in the USA. That means getting your blood test and physical exam. Once a hormone specialist reviews your results and determines HGH deficiency, you will be able to receive safe, legal HGH therapy.

Where is the best place to find a hormone specialist to prescribe HGH therapy?

Kingsberg Medical is the first choice in hormone replacement for women and men across the US.


Our commitment to your results, health, and well-being coupled with simplified diagnostic steps and affordable pricing treatment options. For adults searching how to get HGH injections legally, there is no better choice.

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