What Is Hormone Replacement Therapy

Hormone replacement therapy

Decades ago, it was proven that 100 pure, authentic bio-identical human growth hormone (HGH) added to the body via injection at the right dosage could eliminate negative symptoms caused by the depletion of GH. This is called hormone replacement therapy (HRT).

What is hormone replacement therapy ?

By increasing depleted GH levels into the normal range (by age) and gently balancing them out with the right medications via injection, this can eliminate symptoms that reduce quality of life. Years back, Dr. Rudman conducted one of the most popular studies that proved this concept.

Hormone replacement therapy is a safe, legal and natural way to replace missing growth hormones and eliminate symptoms that minimize quality of life.

Rudman worked with subjects that had low GH levels and many symptoms because of that. When they were given the proper dosage of the right HGH medication for a period of six months, their issues disappeared. Rudman brought this information back to the United States and this is when hormone replacement therapy (HRT) became very popular.

HRT started to replace some traditional medical methods for treatment of aging symptoms that can often have terrible side effects. So many doctors only treat symptoms without realizing their true cause; depleting growth hormones. This is slowly changing as HRT becomes even more well known and popular.

When done with a clinic such as Kingsberg Medical, HRT is a method of natural treatment that gets to the core issue of the ailments a person is experiencing and eliminates them. There are no nasty side effects and the therapy works quickly. Hormone replacement therapy is:

  • Safe
  • Legal
  • Effective

This is a simple visual of how hormone therapy works:

Growth hormones deplete ↓ Symptoms begin to increase ↑ HRT reduces the symptoms ↓

The professionals at Kingsberg Medical are fully trained and licensed physicians and skilled, knowledgeable and compassionate clinical advisors. The advisors are the first point of contact to answer all questions related to hormone replacement therapy. They understand the terrible physical, mental, emotional and sexual problems a person will begin to have when this very important hormone (growth hormone) depletes naturally with age.

The professional physicians are the ones who will read test results (blood samples, physical exams and medical histories), diagnose clients and prescribe the correct medications and dosages for the safest change. They will also be medically supervising their patients throughout the course of treatment.

Together, when they all do their respective jobs correctly, the clinical advisor, the physician and the patient will create fast, safe and noticeable change in a short period of time. This will give the patient back their quality of life and keep them healthy and happy well into their Golden years.

What Are The Pros And Cons Of Hormone Replacement Therapy

Understanding the pros and cons of hormone replacement therapy is important before making the decision to partake in this kind of treatment. The following chart will point out both to help prospective patients make the best decision for themselves:

The pros or benefits of HRT are:

Great amounts of energy Improved memory Elimination of erectile dysfunction
Increased stamina Better focus Stronger and longer lasting erections
Increased endurance Better concentration A better sexual drive
Better immunity Less depression Less hot flashes
Stronger bones and less chance of developing osteoporosis Less anxiety Reduction in night sweats
A healthier heart Less irritability Reduction in vaginal dryness
Lower cholesterol levels Less agitation Ability to fantasize
Lower triglyceride levels An overall better emotional stability Organs that grow
Less risk for heart attack or stroke Stronger mental acuity overall Thicker growing hair and faster growing nails
Faster metabolism Less forgetfulness Less mood swings
The loss of excess fat Less facial wrinkles Less sagging skin
The gaining of lean muscle mass Minimized appearance of crow’s feet A greater self image
Stronger skin elasticity A greater self esteem A better outlook for the future
Less risk for diabetes Better ability to manage diabetes Faster recovery from workouts, sickness and injuries or wounds

Some people may view the following as cons for hormone replacement therapy:

  • The cost can be high

As they say, you get what you pay for and gaining quality of life in a safe, natural and medically supervised way can come at a price. It is often suggested that people who wish to participate in HRT, take time to organize their finances to be able to pay for this kind of treatment.

We can share that HRT surely is less costly than surgical procedures or some other more traditional methods of treatment. These other methods come with their own price of negative side effects, long recovery times and a lot of pain. HRT is nothing like that. Surgery and other chemically filled medications are not cheap either.

  • HRT takes a commitment on the part of the patient

Any patient of HRT must set aside time to take their injections exactly as prescribed and they also should commit themselves to living a healthy lifestyle. This means that they will learn how to eat right, sleep enough hours per evening, exercise enough and keep their stress levels low.

Learning and changing daily bad habits takes commitment. However, the time spent on learning how to life healthy will have a great impact on the rest of one’s life.

The best hormone replacement therapy can be found at Kingsberg Medical. Contact the clinic today to see if you qualify for this kind of life changing treatment.