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The Truth about HGH Weight Loss

HGH Weight Loss Benefits

Whether or not you have heard about the benefits of human growth hormone, one might surprise you – HGH weight loss.

It is hard to imagine that a hormone that stimulates growth could help you lose weight. Think for a minute about when you were younger and had plenty of energy. Your metabolism functioned better, and it was easier to keep your weight in check than it is as you age.

The older you get, the slower your metabolism becomes – and the larger your waistline circumference. Conversely, as you age, your growth hormone levels decline. Coincidence? Not quite!

Human growth hormone plays many roles in the body, one of which includes how the metabolism processes fats, carbohydrates, and proteins. As HGH levels decline, the metabolism loses crucial signals so instead of turning food into fuel, it becomes fat.

That is why many adults are reaping multiple rewards from the HGH weight loss cycle. Human growth hormone stimulates the metabolism to start burning through stored fat.

Doctors do not prescribe HGH for weight loss. That is only one benefit of treatment for growth hormone deficiency. An adult must have low HGH levels accompanied by symptoms of GH deficiency to qualify for treatment.

Is HGH a Diet Program?

Do not confuse HGH with HCG – the quick weight loss diet. HCG is an actual diet program that can help adults lose up to a pound a day. Daily HCG injections are used with a very low-calorie (500-700) diet. All fats, carbohydrates, and dairy are removed from daily food intake. The only similarity between HGH and HCG is that they are both hormones. Other than that, they have entirely different functions in the body.

You cannot go to the store and buy HGH weight loss products. Human growth hormone therapy is a medically supervised treatment aimed at balancing crucial hormone levels in the body. HGH stimulates the liver to secrete insulin growth factor 1. If HGH levels are low, IGF-1 will likely be, as well. Low HGH impacts not only metabolism, but also brain functions, immunity, cell reproduction, libido, and more.

Do not attempt to ask your doctor to prescribe HGH weight loss injections. That will not happen. What you should do is contact a hormone specialist such as the ones here at Kingsberg Medical. Explain that you are gaining weight for no reason, along with your other symptoms. You can then receive a blood test to show if you are growth hormone deficient. If so, you can receive HGH therapy, and, as a result, start to lose some weight.

How Much Weight Can I Lose with HGH?

We are often asked to provide an HGH weight loss timeline – we cannot. Once again, you will not lose 5 pounds your first week. If that is your goal, inquire with a hormone specialist about HCG.

HGH use often results in a loss of about ten percent of body fat over a six-month cycle.

Every person metabolizes HGH in his or her own time. Some people may start to notice changes in body composition as early as the second month of HGH therapy. Others may not see a difference until month three or four.

When it comes to actual HGH weight loss, males tend to burn through stored fat quicker than females. That has a lot to do with increased muscle mass which burns calories faster than fat.

Another thing to know is that HGH also helps increase lean muscle composition. For that reason, you may notice a change in body composition that may not always translate to the scale. Many people gain a similar amount of lean muscle mass as the fat they lose.

During HGH weight loss, females start to notice better muscle definition at the same time as their belly fat declines.

Is It Possible to Increase HGH Weight Loss?

Unlike the HCG Diet where exercise is frowned upon, you can increase your fat burning potential with high-intensity interval training.

Working out with your favorite form of cardio at a moderate pace for two minutes, followed by a twenty to thirty-second burst of high-intensity movement repeated three to five times a few times a week can increase HGH benefits. Weight loss results can also improve with getting more sleep at night. Aim for seven to nine hours for maximum effects.

Intermittent fasting where you only eat during a six to eight-hour period each day has also proven beneficial for increasing HGH levels.

To learn more about HGH weight loss, before, after, and during treatment for growth hormone deficiency, please contact Kingsberg Medical. We provide free consultations, local testing, and affordable treatment options.