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HGH Therapy Benefits

HGH Therapy

The collective abilities of American men and women is absolutely amazing. When they also harness HGH Therapy benefits and work for the good of humanity, wonderful things begin to happen. You often hear that youth is wasted on the young, as we lament the fact that having energy and stamina come early in life while knowledge and wisdom usually come after a lifetime of experience has taught us many valuable lessons. If only there was some way to have them both at the same time. Good news folks – there is! Actually, however, the benefits of human growth hormone, for those adults who are considered deficient after laboratory blood tests and doctor’s examination, are like turning back the clock on time. So you get to have the benefit of a lifetime of wisdom and experience which you have now, yet once again you have the youthful exuberance, energy and stamina like you had when you were in your twenties. It is surprising to feel one’s energy level and stamina improving dramatically, and then we experience a corresponding improvement in our bodies as we relatively effortlessly trim away excess fat and build up a more muscular frame. Our mental abilities become more sharp and capable. It’s amazing to feel the best of both worlds with HGH Therapy benefits. The contact form on this page will connect you with our HGH Therapy Clinics and Local Doctors and begin the process to be evaluated for low HGH levels and determine if you qualify for HGH therapy injections.

How does HGH Therapy work?

Each and every cell in the body is constantly being regenerated. How does HGH Therapy work? It works by speeding up that process so that you aren’t struggling through your existence with depleted organs and body systems that function poorly. The pituitary gland in the brain naturally produces Human Growth Hormone, which is then used throughout the body. The pituitary gland is often referred to as “The Master Gland”, because it controls the functions of many of the other glands in the body. HGH prompts other organs such as the liver to create and release the insulin-like growth factor called IGF-1. This IGF-1, when released into the body, is responsible for the healthy and efficient regeneration, development and functioning each of our organs and systems in the body. By the time we reach our mid-twenties, the efficiency and effectiveness of our pituitary gland starts to decline and consequently, it produces less and less Human Growth Hormone. The result is that we start to look and feel older. With doctor-prescribed injectable Human Growth Hormones therapy (which is created as an exact copy of your natural HGH, a 191-amino acid chain), you can increase those low HGH levels to the healthy levels you experienced in your twenties. As a result, your natural cell regeneration and tissue regrowth is greatly increased, and this has a healing effect on every organ and process in the body.

HGH Injections Treatment Explained

The Internet is full of websites and advertising for every other form of human growth hormone out there. You’ll find information about pills and sprays, and even homeopathics (which if you actually investigate the nature of homeopathic remedies – they work by stimulating the body’s natural defenses – it is impossible for human growth hormone to even be a homeopathic medication), and frankly it can get very confusing. The fact is that HGH is a 191-amino acid chain which is quite a large protein molecule. When this medication is taken orally as in a pill form, it is broken down in the digestion system, and very little if any will ever reach the blood stream and be used effectively by the body. The nature of a spray utilizes the idea that these human growth hormone molecules can be absorbed through the mucous membranes in the mouth. Again this is impossible because of the extremely large size of the molecule. Our extensive research and experience with thousands of patients shows that only injectable HGH is effective in the treatment of low human growth hormone levels. Our local doctors prescribe only injectable HGH therapy to increase low HGH levels. Our Human Growth Hormone therapy clinics and doctors are nationwide and waiting to help you today.

Doctor Prescribed Injectable HGH Treatment

Your individual path to complete health on the physical, mental and emotional level begins with contacting the clinical specialists at Kingsberg Medical. You will be given all the steps necessary to be evaluated for a low HGH level.

  1. Start the ball rolling by completing the quick contact form on this page. A clinical specialist will assigned to you, and he or she will give you a call to give you the details of our programs and answer any questions you might have.
  2. We will schedule a laboratory blood in your local area. Our local doctors who test for low HGH levels will review this information to see your current levels in these vital areas.
  3. We will supervise a physical exam electronically with either your current physician or another examining physician in your local area. This will provide our local doctors who specialize in HGH Therapy more necessary information to determine if you qualify for our treatment programs.
  4. You will be asked to complete the Medical History Form (the button is at the top of this page) and this gives our local doctors who prescribe Injectable HGH therapy the last vital ingredient to make their determination. If our local doctors sees that you have a low HGH level and thinks that you would benefit from HGH replacement therapy, then they will send a prescription for the appropriate medication program to the pharmacy located right here in the US. The pharmacy will ship the medication and all necessary supplies directly to your home or office. It will be necessary for you to sign for this delivery.
  5. Please Note: Our therapy programs are only available to those who have a verified deficiency in Human Growth Hormone production. We never treat bodybuilders, professional athletes or anyone simply seeking performance or cosmetic enhancement. We also do not treat those who are under the age of 30 as before this age, there is usually adequate HGH production occurring naturally.

Reviews from our Patients

Eric J. in Spokane WA called in to say:

I took the tests and everything, and I expected HGH to help with my energy level and getting back in shape. The tests showed I was pretty low on the IGF-1 level, so I was glad to get started on the injections. What I did not expect, was that about a month after I started treatment, my arthritis started to improve. We had some rainy weather and I didn’t even notice it in my hands and knees. What a great added benefit! I’m telling all my friends – thanks!

Ronnie E. in Montgomery AL writes:

You said this stuff would help me lose weight and rebuild some lean muscle mass. Boy – you weren’t kidding. I’ve had to go buy new clothes 3 times now. I’m really feeling great, and my wife is thrilled. I have friends who don’t even recognize me. I’m really glad that I’m losing weight in a way that supports my overall health and not through one of those quack programs that takes the weight off but leaves me feeling bad, tired and worn out. Many thanks for all you do.

Maria D. in Des Moines, IO called in:

I just wanted to mention real quick that I think you should be marketing this program to people with fibromyalgia. Something about the HGH really seems to stop autoimmune diseases in their tracks. Now I don’t know what all the medical terms are for these sorts of things … I just know I feel so much better. Thanks so much!

HGH Therapy Effects
Martin T. in Tacoma WA writes:

I started injections for HGH treatment along with testosterone therapy about 3 months ago. Holy cow! I feel like I did when I was 23. That was a very good year what with graduating from college and starting my own design company, getting married and watching my son be born, and breaking ground on building the house of my dreams on the side of a beautiful lake. I had grown to look back at those times as the glory days, and the rest of my life has been rather anticlimactic ever since. Don’t get me wrong – things have been good – just not as exciting. Well since I started this therapy and my testosterone and HGH levels have come back up to the levels I had back then, I’ve noticed that the passion I felt then is actually back again. I’ve been spending more real quality time with my wife and not just hanging out with her. She’s a great lady! I’ve had the mental focus to start planning and working toward a new dream or two. My company will run fine without me hovering nearby, so we are going to take a mini-retirement on the Island of Capri next spring, and I’m going to study to become a Master Chef. My wife (who also started HGH treatment and testosterone cream, by the way) will be studying with a world-famous artist and perfecting her watercolor techniques. It’s all because of your doctors at Kingsberg Medical. I’m so glad I made that call!

Eugene D. in Shreveport LA writes:

When I came to your clinic for HGH therapy a couple of months ago, I went through the blood tests and physical and all. I saw the results myself that my IGF-1 level was 101. That’s pretty low. I decided against taking the HGH injections, but I did start Sermorelin. I liked the idea of the way it works. I’m always inclined to try to do things as naturally as possible. Today, after 60 days of injections, I went back to have my blood tested again. My IGF-1 level is up to 176 – right in the middle of the normal range. I’m very pleased with the treatment I’m getting from Kingsberg Medical.

Frequently Asked Questions

Chris L. in San Bernardino CA – Can you tell me where to get real HGH legally?

You can be sure of getting real HGH is only from US pharmacies. HGH injections are legal only when obtained by a physician’s prescription for a verified deficiency.

Dale K. in Fayetteville NC –How can I find an HGH clinic?

We suggest that you start with the contact form on this page. One of our clinical specialists will be happy to arrange the necessary appointment with laboratory for a blood test and with a nearby physician for your physical exam. If we do not have one of our own doctors convenient to you, then one of our local doctors will electronically supervise your physical exam in order to be sure of receiving the necessary information to complete your chart.

Walter R. in Glendale CA –Is there such a thing as an HGH diet?

Some people refer to an HGH Diet, but actually Human Growth Hormone simply restores you to a better state of health and well-being, which includes normalizing your weight and restoring depleted muscle mass.

Shirley L. in Augusta GA –Will HGH injections help with my menopause symptoms?

our local doctors are hormone replacement therapy specialists, and they will review your entire chart for any deficiencies which could be making your menopause symptoms a problem. When you increase your low HGH levels, you will definitely improve all the systems of the body. We would suggest that you also discuss your other hormone levels with your clinical specialist so that the doctor can check your testosterone/progesterone/estrogen levels as well.

Craig D. in Grand Rapids MI – What’s the average cost of HGH Therapy?

Each person is reviewed individually, and so it is impossible to give you an actual average cost for HGH Therapy. Your individual treatment program will be based on your height, weight and level of deficiency. You also have several options for the HGH injections with regards to delivery system and whether or not refrigeration is required. Please be sure to discuss your specific needs with your clinical specialist.

William J. in Huntington Beach CA – How can I get HGH therapy in California?

The best place to start is right on this web page by completing the contact form. One of our clinical specialists will be in touch immediately to discuss the details of our programs and answer any questions. If you would like to move more quickly, you could simple pick up the phone and call our toll-free number. Also, go ahead and complete the Medical History Form.

Jonathan G. in Mobile AL – How can I find doctors who prescribe HGH for hormone treatment?

our local doctors who specialize in HGH for hormone treatment are available to evaluate your current condition and, if you qualify, they will provide a prescription for Injectable HGH. Don’t worry if you are not conveniently located near one of our offices as our local doctor can electronically supervise your physical exam. Your blood test will be conducted in one of our contracted laboratories which are located in practically every city in the US.

Judith B. in Newport News VA – Do you prescribe human growth hormone injections for women?

Absolutely! It is our pleasure to prescribe HGH injections for women. We are very sensitive to the particular needs of women, and if needed, our local doctors can also prescribe creams or gels to restore low testosterone, progesterone or estrogen levels. Women are given a blood test which specifically tests these low hormone levels.

Betty S. in Little Rock AR – How do I find a doctor to test my IGF-1 level?

our local doctors will be happy to test your blood to see if you have a low IGF-1 level. Get started with our contact form on this page, and one of our clinical specialists will give you a call right away to explain all the benefits of our hormone replacement therapy HRT programs.

Arthur G. in Moreno Valley CA –How can I get injectable HGH therapy in California?

Human growth hormone injections are available only by prescription to those with a verified deficiency in their HGH production. Our clinical specialists can schedule your laboratory blood tests and physical exam at a facility convenient to your home or office. You can easily get started with the contact form on this page, and we will give you call right away … or just call the toll-free number at your convenience.

Human Growth Hormone Therapy
Steve M. in Columbus GA – How do I get HGH prescribed to me by a doctor?

our local doctors who prescribe HGH therapy require three things for your chart to be complete:

  1. Your completed Medical History Form
  2. Results of your laboratory blood tests
  3. Results of your physical exam (which we can supervise electronically if needed)

The doctor will review these items in your chart to determine if you have a low HGH level, and if you do, they will be prescribe the appropriate growth hormone therapy program for you.


Joe T. in Amarillo TX – Will HGH therapy work to combat extreme fatigue and muscle wasting?

Absolutely, Joe! This is one of the most celebrated effects of restoring low growth hormone levels. You must indicate these symptoms when you complete your Medical History form so that the doctor who prescribes HGH therapy will have an accurate picture of your current condition. You will also need to have a blood test and physical exam so that the doctor can make a decision on if you need HGH treatment.

Randall R. in Fontana CA –How can I get HGH injections by doctor prescription?

You must have a verified low HGH level to get a doctor’s prescription for HGH injections. Please contact our clinic which specializes in growth hormone therapy to begin the process and get tested for low human growth hormone levels today.

Jack B. in Oxnard CA – Can I get HGH online?

You can make contact with Kingsberg Medical’s clinical specialists and doctors who prescribe HGH therapy through the online contact form on this page. However, it is not possible to actually buy HGH online the same way you might buy a bottle of vitamins. HGH is a prescription medication which requires a doctor’s evaluation before it can be prescribed.

Russell J. in Knoxville TN – How can I get HGH hormone replacement therapy?

As one of the most important hormones in the body, asking that question to find out how can you get HGH hormone replacement therapy is key to improving your overall state of health and well-being. It all starts here with the contact form on this page. We look forward to hearing from you.

Henry R. in Fort Lauderdale FL – Where can I find a doctor who tests for HGH levels?

At Kingsberg Medical, our local doctors test for HGH levels, and if you have a low HGH level as based on the results of your laboratory blood test, physical exam and medical history form, then our local doctors will be able to prescribe the appropriate growth hormone medications to meet your needs.

Harold J. in Salt Lake City UT – Is the HGH growth hormone for weight loss effective?

Our experience with decades of studies and personal contact with our patient’s results has shown that taking injectable HGH growth hormone for weight loss as effective and efficient. It not only facilitates the body achieving a healthy weight and having needed fat loss, it also helps with restoring other systems in the body to optimum health and well-being.

Jean H. in Worcester MA –Does your clinic do an HGH deficiency test?

Yes! Just complete the short contact form on this page, or pick up the phone and give us a call. We would be happy to schedule a lab test and physical exam to test your HGH levels. Our clinic and doctors will review your levels to see if you have a low growth hormone level

Vicki H. in Huntsville AL – Do the growth hormone secretagogues work?

We have found that the often-touted nutritional supplements and herbal preparations which claim to be HGH secretagogues are not effective for increasing HGH production in the body. However, there is a solution if you wish to use a growth hormone secretagogue. You must still have a blood test and physical exam and complete the medical history form. Our local doctors will review this information to see if you have a low HGH level. If so, the doctor can prescribe Sermorelin, which is a very effective secretagogue, to help increase your HGH levels in your body.

Roy A. in Tempe AZ – How do I get real human growth hormone?

You can get real human growth hormone by only dealing with reputable US clinics and pharmacies. All growth hormone prescriptions written by our local doctors are filled by licensed US pharmacies. Never attempt to get HGH without a prescription or try to cut costs by going to overseas pharmacies. They are not regulated or supervised by the US government or the FDA, and you really never know what you are getting.

Ralph W. in Brownsville TX – I’m looking for a doctor or clinic in Texas who specializes in and prescribes Injectable HGH Therapy.

No matter where you are in the United States, Kingsberg Medical is nearby to help you. Our clinics and doctors specialize in and prescribe Injectable HGH Therapy for our patients with a verified deficiency in growth hormone levels.

Our clinical specialists and staff at Kingsberg Medical are standing by and happy to help. Note: Professional athletes, bodybuilders or patients under the age of 30 cannot be served due to prescription restrictions. Call us toll-free at 800-787-0408, or simply complete the quick contact form at the top of this page.