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Benefits Of Growth Hormone Therapy For Adults

Growth Hormone Therapy Benefits

Human growth hormone HGH therapy benefits have been changing the lives of men and women around the United States for decades. They include physical, sexual, emotional and mental changes that greatly improve quality of life.

Physical Benefits of Growth Hormone:

Increased energy Less appearance of crow’s feet on the
Better endurance and stamina Less sagging skin
Ability to lose weight without diet or
Thicker growing hair
Faster metabolism Less balding
Ability to gain muscle mass quickly Nails grow faster
Stronger bone density Better vision
Stronger immune system Better sleeping patterns
Lower cholesterol levels Less risk for broken or fractured bones
Lower triglyceride levels Less risk for osteoporosis
A healthier heart rate Less sickness overall
Less risk for heart conditions, heart
failure, stroke and diabetes
Growing organs
Stronger skin elasticity Faster restoration of the body’s cells and
Less facial wrinkles  

Sexual Benefits of Growth Hormone:

Elimination of erectile dysfunction (ED) Less vaginal dryness
Longer lasting and stronger erections Less hot flashes
Stronger orgasms Less night sweats
An increase in sexual libido and desire  

Emotional Benefits of Growth Hormone:

Less depression Less irritability
Less tension Less nervousness
Less anger Less anxiety
Less agitation Less stress
Less mood swings An over stronger emotional stability

Mental Benefits of Growth Hormone:

Better focus Better clarity
Better ability to concentrate and for
longer periods of time
Less forgetfulness
Less mental fogginess Better memory
Better decision making abilities  

Some of the more common benefits of HGH therapy that many people wish to get through using human growth hormone injections are: Weight loss, muscles gain, better sexual ability, performance and the elimination of ED and better endurance and a greater athletic performance.

These benefits have been clinically proven through research trials and studies. They have become so popular that even those who do not qualify for hormone replacement therapy (HRT) are attempting to get HGH injections without a prescription for these results. This is not legal, nor is it safe.

In addition, people may also attempt to use supplements, enhancers or boosters in order to eliminate the symptoms of low growth hormone levels. These do not work. People end up wasting a lot of money, time and energy and feel deflated when they do not get any results. HGH injections are the only way to gain growth hormone therapy benefits .

Injections must be prescribed by a licensed physician after the proper testing has taking place. We will be discussing what the qualifications are for HRT for men and women to partake in HRT.

Growth Hormone Therapy Benefits For Men And Women

What are the qualifications to participate in treatment to get the best growth hormone therapy benefits for men and women?

  1. Must be over 30 years old
  2. Cannot be a professional athlete
  3. Must have clinically low growth hormone levels as proven by the correct blood testing
  4. Besides the terrible symptoms of low GH, one must be an otherwise healthy adult as demonstrated from the results of a face to face physical examination and one’s medical history and current medical conditions

The benefits of HGH therapy for men are the same as the benefits of HGH therapy for women. The obvious differences are with sexual performance and relief of menopausal symptoms in women. For instance:

Growth hormone benefits for men specifically:

  • Loss of erectile dysfunction
  • Stronger and longer lasting erections
  • Less balding
  • Thicker growing hair

Growth hormone benefits for women specifically:

  • Loss of vaginal dryness
  • Less night sweats
  • Less hot flashes
  • Less facial wrinkles and crow’s feet
  • Less sagging skin
  • Less male pattern hair growth (facial and chest hair)

Both men and women can gain so much from growth hormone therapy benefits . Looking years younger and feeling stronger and healthier can increase self esteem, self worth and give a person great reasons for living.

When growth hormones become too low and symptoms begin, both men and women can lose their desire for personal and social interactions, creating divorce or loss of relationships. They can lose their ability to perform well at work and can even lose their jobs.

HRT can turn everything around, making a person stronger, wiser and more clear headed for a great future.