What Is Genotropin?


What is Genotropin? Genotropin is a powerful, potent, yet safe and effective human growth hormone (HGH) medication that is sold by prescription only. When prescribed by Kingsberg Medical, it is used for the purpose of increasing low growth hormone (GH) levels within the blood stream of both men and women.

Genotropin is a 191 amino acid sequence that comes in a completely sterile lyophilized, white in color powder. This molecule is a large protein, polypeptide hormone that is very sensitive to movement, temperature and light. It is created in highly controlled laboratories.

This recombinant DNA substance that is manufactured by Pfizer is an exact replica of what the human body already produces. When prescribed, it should be taken by subcutaneous injection only. It is never to be injected directly into a vein.

Let’s learn more about the genotropin injection pens.

What Are The Different Kinds Of Genotropin Pens?

There are four different kinds of the Pfizer Genotropin pen. All have been proven to be effective, safe and easy to use. These are the:

Genotropin Pen 5:

  • The Genotropin 5 mg is a two chambered cartridge
  • It has a green tip to match its green pen window
  • It requires refrigeration
  • It comes in 0.1 mg steps
  • Medicine mixes right inside the pen
  • You can dial back the medicine so that none is wasted
  • Has a digital display to see dosage you select
  • Optional needle guard is available
  • Pens can be customized with different colors and designs

Genotropin Pen 12:

  • The Genotropin 12 mg is a two chambered cartridge
  • It has a purple tip to match its purple pen window
  • The medicine mixes right inside the pen
  • You can dial back the medicine so that none is wasted
  • Requires refrigeration
  • It comes in 0.2 mg steps
  • Has a digital display to see the dosage you select
  • Optional needle guard is available
  • Pens can be customized with different colors and designs

Genotropin Mixer ®:

  • The Genotropin Mixer ® is a reusable pen
  • It is for use with 5 mg or 12 mg cartridges
  • It works with the standard syringes
  • It automatically mixes the medicines for the patient’s convenience
  • Requires refrigeration

Genotropin MiniQuick ®:

  • The Miniquick ® pen comes in strengths ranging from .2 mg to two mg
  • It is disposable
  • Great for one the go
  • No dose setting means that the pen comes already set with the right dosage for the patient
  • No preservatives
  • Comes in seven day supply

Proper care and storage information for Pfizer Genotropin pen begins with understanding that this medication is extremely sensitive and fragile. It can never be shaken rigorously or it will become destroyed.

The Genotropin pen should always be stored in refrigeration that is between the temperatures of 36 and 46 degrees. The pens should never be frozen. Keeping the pens out of direct sunlight should also be a priority.  Expiration dates should always be kept. Never use any pen after it has expired. 

Genotropin: Indications and Contraindications

  • Genotropin Indications:

Genotropin injections Pfizer are prescribed for the purposes of increasing growth hormone levels and balancing them out into normal range. They will be prescribed by Kingsberg Medical to only those who are over 30 and are dealing with depleting hormone levels due to aging.

As long as these medications are used with a doctor’s prescription and according to the instructions on the prescription and within the tailor made treatment plan, a patient should not have any negative side effects. When used as directed, they are considered to be gentle, safe and effective.

  • Genotropin Contraindications:

If Genotropin injections are used without a prescription and without medical supervision, it can be quite dangerous and risky for the person using them. This kind of use is never recommended.

However, if for some reason a patient is feeling something out of the ordinary when using prescribed Genotropin injections, they are advised to call their clinical advisor at Kingsberg Medical immediately.

Here are some tips to keep yourself safe when using Genotropin:

  1. Always follow the instructions written by your doctor on your prescription.
  2. Inspect your pens very carefully. There should be absolutely no evidence of tampering.
  3. Inspect the solutions very carefully. They should never look cloudy or murky, but appear completely clear, colorless and have absolutely no odor.
  4. There should never be any foreign looking particles in the solution.

If injections are used when they have bacterial residue in them or if used at the wrong dosage, this can cause negative issues. These can include:

Rash Muscle pain
Hives Body pain
Headache Stomach cramping
Nausea An itching or burning sensation at the
injection site
Vomiting Redness or itching at the injection site
Mild swelling of any part of the body Nervousness or anxiety
Fatigue Depression
Weight gain Bruising
Joint pain  

These are some more serious reasons to immediately get help if they occur when using Genotropin:

  • Breast enlargement in males
  • Dark urine or stool
  • Blood found in the urine
  • Serious swelling of any part of the body including lips, tongue, legs, arms, hands, feet
  • Bleeding gums
  • Numbness or tingling feeling
  • Serious dizziness
  • Shortness of breath
  • Changes in vision
  • Slurred speech
  • Unusual bruising

One should always use their best judgement when on HRT and reach out for help if they feel they need it. They should only feel strong and healthy and know when something might not be right. Clinical advisors are available at Greenberg Health to help patients with any concerns they may have throughout the course of therapy.