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Hormone Therapy in San Diego CA and Its Health Benefits

What is the value of hormone therapy to your health?

Hormone Therapy In San Diego CAA lack of scientific knowledge caused the importance of hormones in maintaining health to be wildly underestimated until the 20th century.

Science has now shown that it would be hard to overestimate the value of hormone therapy in San Diego CA and its health benefits. However, that value should be measured on a sliding scale of hormone deficiency.

It’s a simple but accurate scale. If your levels have become extremely deficient, then bringing them back to within your normal range will likely make a substantial improvement in your health. So the results that patients will typically receive from using hormone replacement therapy (HRT) can also be tracked on a sliding scale, depending on the extent of their deficiency before starting treatment.

As logical as this is, people who are using hormones to self-medicate must have skipped over this lesson entirely. When you understand that the goal of HRT is to restore hormonal normalcy (or balance), then hormonal excessiveness is clearly a bad choice.

Without any verification, clinical or otherwise, that they need substances and without any reliable monitoring of their hormone supply through medical blood testing, they are blindly convinced that they are optimizing their heath when they could very well be destroying it.

The significant human health value that is represented by hormone therapy in San Diego CA only applies to its medically correct administration with legally approved medications. That value disappears altogether for people who are illegally and non-medically using hormone products. Yet what seems totally illogical is that while plenty of information about the grave risks associated with illegal hormone usage has been globally distributed, a lot of people still haven’t gotten the message because the underground business for illegal hormones is booming.

How Improper Hormone Therapy Can Cause Health Problems

The health benefits produced by getting hormone therapy in San Diego CA when a medical need has been established can be phenomenal. Testosterone replacement therapy for men with Low T can be life changing for them; HGH therapy for both men and women who have growth hormone deficiencies can make them feel and look many years younger; and estrogen therapy has helped many women to smoothly navigate through their menopausal stage of life with nary a ripple.

All of these therapies can enhance an adult’s long-range health prospects while extending physical and intellectual vitality – but only when it has been verified that they are medically required. The damage that a person can inflict on their health by ignoring this dictum also follows a sliding scale.

The longer a person uses biosynthetic hormones without biologically needing them or clinically monitoring them, the greater the potential damage becomes. Multiply that damage if the person has been using illegally manufactured products that have never been properly inspected for purity and authenticity.

Illegal steroid hormone use has been linked to heart attacks; stroke; organ deterioration; cancer; and many other devastating medical issues.

However, the scale of risk slides way down to the bottom when patients receive hormone therapy in San Diego CA that has been doctor prescribed after the establishment of medical need. The statistical health risks that have been associated with medically administered HGH therapy and TRT remain very low.

San Diego Adults Can Get Hormone Therapy at Kingsberg Medical

While physicians do have a certain amount of leeway in interpreting the medical guidelines for hormone replacement therapy, the fundamental medical standards that apply are clear. Any professional provider who would write a prescription for hormone therapy in San Diego CA without verifying that the patient requires it is blatantly defying those standards of care.

Verification of need can only be established through the testing of a patient’s hormone levels; for Low T or HGH deficiency, this means utilizing a particular type of blood lab test. The patient’s set of symptoms must also be evaluated along with their health history and current physical condition.

The Kingsberg Medical doctors and clinical advisors carefully attend to all of this before any patient can receive a prescription for using hormones in a therapeutic replacement program. Our medical mission is promoting health not health problems, and the hormone therapy in San Diego CA that we prescribe for adults is intended to make them more healthy not less healthy.

Responsible providers such as Kingsberg Medical and many others have taken a stand against the illegal distribution and use of medically unapproved hormones. This practice has no association with achieving healthy hormonal balance and has its genesis in athletic performance enhancement and bodybuilding. For adults who have a healthy and normal interest in extending their vitality through hormonal balance, the only valid choice is receiving HRT medically.