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Why Hormone Therapy in Los Angeles Is in High Demand

Hormone therapy In Los Angeles CAHave hormones ever received as much public attention as they have been getting during the past few years? Probably not – but is this the entire reason for why hormone therapy in Los Angeles CA is in high demand among adults, both men and women, of nearly all ages?

Among younger adults, meaning those under 30, the demand is much lower because the incidence of hormone disorders is statistically lower; but across all other adult age segments, the use of medically prescribed hormone replacement programs to treat unhealthy hormone imbalances continues to rise annually.

While historically health-conscious, the population of Los Angeles is definitely facing more threats to the healthy lifestyles they cherish.

LA residents face problems like:

  • Increased pollution and other environmental hazards
  • Famously stressful traffic
  • Water shortages
  • The additional stresses of trying to live a healthy and peaceful lifestyle in a city of millions can all significantly diminish one’s wellness.

These can all be factors in developing hormone disorders.

So is this why the demand for hormone therapy in Los Angeles continues to grow or are its residents simply becoming more educated on the enormous role that hormones play in maintaining wellness, especially as people enter their middle and later stages of life? It is likely that all of these circumstances are involved; and in any case, the result is the same one – healthier hormone levels make adults healthier.

Are we intentionally ignoring the obsession with youthfulness in Los Angeles?

Well, perhaps we are because we believe that it is as unfair to make sweeping generalizations in reference to a group of nearly 4 million individuals as it is to make broad assumptions about all of the different types of hormone replacement therapy that are now available.

Bio-identical Hormone Replacement Is More Natural

The type of hormone therapy in Los Angeles CA that Kingsberg Medical provides for Los Angelenos is bio-identical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT), in which our doctors prescribe precise treatment dosages of pharmaceutical hormones that are molecularly identical to your body’s naturally produced hormones. The efficacy and safety of the type of hormone treatment that Kingsberg Medical prescribes has been established in a variety of long-term clinical trials.

Yet a patient’s family health history, current condition, genetics, and other individual health factors must all be considered in assessing any risk that hormone replacement might present.

Natural health solutions do not always mean solutions that are devoid of any medical components; any attempts by adults to change their hormone levels should monitored by a medical professional because hormones are extremely influential biological substances.

At Kingsberg Medical, our doctors prescribe medical BHRT programs for adults who have a medical condition, which has been clinically verified by a doctor-ordered lab test. But does that make our bio-identical treatments unnatural? No, it makes them highly effective, low-risk plus extremely beneficial to our patients’ hormonal health and total wellness.

Various forms of hormone therapy in Los Angeles CA are now being prescribed to treat:

  • Andropause
  • Menopause
  • Hypothyroidism
  • and much more

Our primary medical specializations at Kingsberg Medical are in testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) and human growth hormone replacement therapy (HGHRT) however, at times additional hormone therapies might be recommended by our doctors depending on the patient’s individual medical factors and requirements.

Finding Your BHRT Provider in a Big City Just Got Easier

That notoriously stressful LA traffic that we previously mentioned doesn’t make getting to your work and professional commitments; or to your personal appointments; or to your social engagements easy; but Kingsberg Medical can make it much easier for you to receive bio-identical hormone therapy in Los Angeles CA. How? By essentially bringing the treatment to you, through the implementation of procedures that minimize the effort required.

Using your tablet, smartphone or PC, you’ll be able to contact us at your convenience and easily accomplish the following:

  • Utilize Kingsberg Medical as your personal BHRT advisor, available to answer any questions and resolve any treatment issues that might arise;
  • Request the scheduling of a hormone levels blood test at a testing lab that is convenient for you to get to;
  • Request your required medical exam from a local Kingsberg Medical physician (unless you have had one performed recently by your personal physician);
  • Email your medical history to us;
  • Order the bio-identical hormone treatments that our doctors have prescribed for your course of therapy online.

Everyone living within the 465 square miles of Los Angeles and the surrounding communities can now take advantage of our doctor prescribed bio-identical hormone therapy in Los Angeles that is easy to fit into your personal adult lifestyle.

Kingsberg Medical is a natural fit for adults living all over the Los Angeles area who want to gain and retain their ideal state of hormonal health and prolong their vitality – and want a medically effective but easier way to accomplish it.