Hormone Replacement Therapy At “Kingsberg Medical”

Hormone replacement therapy

Hormone replacement therapy (HRT) is a way of restoring lost hormones that deplete out of the body as it ages. Partaking in this kind of treatment with a clinic such as Kingsberg Medical is a patient’s best chance of having a safe, legal and effective journey towards great new found health and happiness.

For decades, our clinic has been helping people across the country to eliminate the symptoms that go along with low growth hormone (GH) levels. When deciding upon the right clinic for you, you should concentrate on finding one that provides everything necessary for the healthiest experience while minimizing hormone replacement therapy risks.

Honest, trustworthy and forth right clinics should offer the following:

  • A first free phone consultation with an expert clinical advisor
  • Fully trained and licensed physicians who are in charge
  • The clinic will follow the requirements of testing with blood work, a physical examination and getting a medical history from patients
  • Doctors will give accurate diagnoses after reading and analyzing test results
  • Doctors will write accurate prescriptions for the correct medications and dosages for each individual patient
  • Doctors will create treatment plans that will fit the unique needs of their clients on an individualized basis
  • Only the best, top quality, name brand medications will be used
  • Clinical advisors will be readily available for the needs of patients throughout the course of therapy
  • Advisors will give an education on healthy lifestyle living to assist with the natural production of growth hormones

Kingsberg Medical offers all this and more for the best experience with hormone replacement therapy for men and for women. The benefits that patients receive are remarkable and give quality of life back to those who have lost it due to their GH depletions.

HRT For Men And For Women

Learn about what is involved in HRT for men and women, including:

  • Benefits
  • Risks
  • Pros and cons  
  • Hormone replacement therapy cost

The benefits of hormone replacement therapy for men are not different than the benefits of hormone replacement therapy for women. Both genders are equally afforded the same kinds of results that make them physically, emotionally, mentally and sexually stronger.

The risks and pros and cons of HRT will be different as well depending upon each patient, their possible allergies and other factors.

As far as the cost of HRT, this will differ for each patient depending upon the medications used, the length of time they are undergoing treatment and other factors.

Let us look at several tables to get an idea of the different elements that make up hormone replacement therapy for women and for men.

Table One: Benefits of hormone replacement therapy

Fatigue Sagging skin Anxiety
Lethargy Balding Irritability
Lack of energy Thinning hair Easily agitated
Lack of stamina and endurance Nails that do not grow Mood swings
Decreased bone density Weak immunity Forgetfulness
Osteoporosis Difficulty with healing Memory loss
Fragile bones Will bruise easily Poor mental acuity
Weight gain Slow restoration of body cells Lack of concentration
The loss of lean muscle mass Getting sick often Lack of focus
Weak skin elasticity Slower metabolism Emotional instability
Wrinkles Slow recovery from workouts Heart issues
Crow’s feet Depression Higher cholesterol levels
Sleep problems Foggy feeling Higher triglyceride levels
Insomnia Organs that do not grow Diabetes

Table Two: The pros and cons of hormone replacement therapy

Pros of HRT for men and women Cons of HRT for women and men
Benefits are fast and life changing The cost can be high
HRT is safe and natural Successful therapy takes a great commitment
Clinics like Kingsberg Medical are top notch  
Medications do not typically have side effects  
Medical supervision ensures safety  
One will learn healthy lifestyle habits  

As one can see, the pros definitely outweigh the cons when participating in HRT for men and for women. Anything that is good for you may take time and a commitment, but the results are completely worth it when you are living a great life full of amazing quality.

Some people may not agree that needing to make a commitment to a healthier way of life is a con. The cost may take some saving and balancing of finances. However, once again, when you think of how terrible the symptoms of low GH levels can be, HRT for women and for men will be worth every penny spent once the person is feeling younger and stronger than ever. One cannot put a price on good mental, emotional, sexual and physical health.

Table Three: The Cost Of HRT

The Cost of HRT
It is usually in the range of $75.00 to $150.00 daily
It will depend upon the medications used
It will depend upon the amount of time a patient is undergoing therapy
It will depend upon whether a client uses needles and syringes or pens

The hormone replacement therapy medications that are considered to be 100 percent real, authentic, safe and top quality name brands are:

  • Genotropin from Pfizer
  • Saizen from Merck Serono
  • Humatrope from Eli Lilly
  • Norditropin from Novo Nordisk
  • Omnitrope from Sandoz

These are the only ones that should be used by patients and they must be prescribed by the doctors who make the patients’ treatment plans. Dosages will depend upon the person’s age, weight and what their test results reveal to the physicians who read them.

Table Four: The Risks of HRT. Possible negative side effects

Hives Rash Swelling of any body part
Itching at injection site Redness at injection site Headache
Nausea Vomiting Stomach cramps
Dizziness Shortness of breath Bad breath
Blurriness Slurred speech Painful urination
Sudden weakness Ejaculation problems Persistent erections
Enlarged breasts in men Paranoia Depression
Moodiness Irregular heart beat Bleeding gums
Dry mouth Dysphoria Euphoria
Nervousness Numbness Tingly feeling

These risks can be greatly minimized by using a clinic such as Kingsberg Medical that is highly reputable, well known, honest and trustworthy. By following the best doctor’s prescription exactly as written, a person will be much safer and can avoid problems.

In some cases, negative side effects may occur and this is when a patient should call their clinical advisor right away for assistance. The doctors can quickly change the prescription or even the medication. If more severe side effects occur, getting immediate attention is advised. However, with properly diagnosed low GH and correctly prescribed HRT medications, side effects are extremely rare.