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Hormone Therapy in Phoenix AZ

Hormone Therapy in Phoenix AZ

The more you know about what to expect from your hormone therapy in Phoenix AZ, the better able you will be to make a decision that is best for you, your body, and your life. If you are suffering from any hormonal imbalance, you may often feel as though you are out of control over your body. Your moods may be running from high to low – and this does not apply only to women. Men also suffer from depression and mood swings caused by declining chemical levels.

You are not going crazy, having a mid-life crisis, or suffering from some incurable disease if you are dealing with hormone deficiency, although it may very well seem like it! By getting bioidentical hormone therapy, Phoenix AZ residents can put their lives back together the way they desire. Work productivity will skyrocket, libido will soar, immunity will strengthen, and the body’s physical appearance will take on a whole new shape and look.

The treatment prescribed will be dependent on what your body needs; based on blood testing, physical assessment, and the symptoms that are present. There are many different types of hormone replacement therapy. Phoenix AZ adults may require treatment with any of the following:

The need for some of these treatments may require additional medications or hormones to mitigate their use. One of the most common supplementations needed by adults today is growth hormone therapy. Phoenix residents can learn more about this form of HRT in the next section.

Human Growth Hormone Therapy in Phoenix

Growth hormone is one of the body’s most essential chemical messengers. It begins a natural decline in one’s early thirties. Most people will never suffer from any symptoms associated with this drop in production, but those who do may find that human growth hormone therapy in Phoenix can bring the following benefits:

  • Increased energy and stamina
  • Stronger bones and muscles
  • Sharper memory and cognitive functions
  • Better immunity
  • Deeper sleep
  • Clearer eyesight
  • Smoother, firmer skin
  • Thicker hair
  • Boosted libido and sexual performance
  • Improved mood and outlook

This is just a partial list of HGH benefits. Men who are looking for male hormone replacement therapy in Phoenix may need HGH or testosterone depending on blood test results. There are also times that men can benefit from progesterone therapy. This information will all be provided once our doctor has had a chance to review the completed medical file containing blood test, examination, and health history questionnaire results.

Surprising as it may sound, testosterone is a popular form of female hormone replacement therapy. Phoenix women dealing with menopause or post-menopause may require testosterone replacement to get them back on track. Whether HGH, testosterone, progesterone, estrogen, or some other form of HRT is necessary, you can trust the doctors at Kingsberg Medical to prescribe precisely what you need – and nothing more.

Where to Get Hormone Replacement in Arizona

If you live in Phoenix, hormone therapy is as close as your telephone. Yes, an internet search will turn up many local clinics that will set up in-office appointments for an initial consultation, physical examination, and blood testing, followed by another session to get your results. Then there will be additional appointments at pre-determined intervals for follow-up assessment. This can get very expensive and time-consuming.

There is a better way to get hormone replacement therapy in Phoenix. Kingsberg Medical offers consultations by phone at no charge. This saves our clients quite a bit of money and time over the course of treatment. We will pre-arrange blood testing at a local lab. You can visit any doctor or medical office of your choosing for the required physical exam, and the results will be sent directly to our HRT clinic.

We offer superior bioidentical hormone replacement therapy in Phoenix for women and men at affordable prices. To learn more, get answers to questions, or to schedule your free and confidential consultation or blood tests, contact us by phone or complete the form below.