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Hormone Therapy in Chicago IL

Hormone Therapy in Chicago IL

An adult who is feeling tired, sluggish, depressed, overweight, and worried about the state of his or her health does not want to contact a clinic for hormone therapy in Chicago IL just to hear that he or she should look into other treatments. Botox injections, liposuction, cool sculpting, plastic surgery, acupuncture, or one of any multitude of other adjunct medical therapies are often unnecessary with HRT. That is the difference between a clinic that only treats hormonal imbalances compared to one that covers a broad range of medical specialists or practices.

Kingsberg Medical is a clinic that offers hormone replacement therapy. Chicago IL residents do not have to worry that we are going to increase the bill by suggesting vitamins, mineral supplements, or any other procedures. First of all, we know that correcting hormone deficiencies usually takes care of any adverse symptoms all by itself – no other treatments required. It is important to give the bioidentical hormones a chance to work before spending or wasting money on any other treatment.

Many people start to see a decline in growth hormone once they enter their thirties. Genetics can play a role in how quickly this chemical’s levels drop. Lifestyle choices can also play a significant role, as can illness, treatment for cancer, certain medications, and even head injury. Our doctors provide human growth hormone therapy to Chicago adults who test positive for GH decline and are exhibiting symptoms that go along with this condition.

Whether you need testosterone, progesterone, sermorelin, estrogen, or growth hormone therapy in Chicago, you can rest assured that we will provide you with the finest care and treatment at the lowest possible prices. Other forms of HRT are available as needed.

Chicago HRT Clinics for Adults Hormone Replacement

The ability to get bioidentical hormone replacement therapy in Chicago is changing the attitudes of many people towards the entire aging process. The reason most people look or feel old is that the level of crucial chemical messengers in their bodies start to decline in early to mid-adulthood.

The list below shows when most people can expect to begin this decrease:

  • Growth hormone in men and women around the age of thirty
  • Testosterone in men around thirty, as well
  • Testosterone in women during menopause
  • Progesterone in men and women – anytime

Although progesterone deficiency often accompanies menopause and andropause, it can begin at an earlier time. Female hormone replacement therapy in Chicago goes beyond what most gynecologists and obstetricians have to offer. It is best to have the treatment of hormone deficiency in older adults handled by a doctor who specializes in this type of therapy. HRT practitioners have a broader depth of experience in this area of medicine.

Many couples are happy that they can speak with the same professional for both female and male hormone replacement therapy. Chicago men who see their wives experience the rejuvenating effects of HRT often want the same benefits for themselves; they just don’t know whom to call. Now they do – Kingsberg Medical.

Find the Best Hormone Replacement in Chicago IL

We know that when you are ready to take the step towards a brighter future, you want to find the best hormone replacement therapy Chicago has to offer. Not only do we provide that service, but we also do so without insisting that our clients keep coming into the clinic for consultations and appointments. There is no reason to succumb to long, drawn out sessions at a doctor’s office, not to mention time spent sitting in a waiting room hoping that your name is the next one called. We believe this to be unproductive for everyone involved.

When you are looking for Chicago hormone therapy that is convenient and affordable, Kingsberg Medical has what you need. We conduct our consultations via telephone conference at no additional charge. You can arrange this at a time this fits conveniently into your schedule. You will have a pre-arranged appointment to visit a local lab for your early morning blood test. This is done fasting so no food or drink after midnight on the night before the test. You even get to choose any doctor or walk-in clinic that you would like for your quick physical examination.

If you are ready to learn more about bioidentical hormone therapy in Chicago IL, please contact Kingsberg Medical for your complimentary, confidential consultation with and HRT expert.