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HGH Human Growth Hormone Benefits

Every single cell of your body dies and is replaced on a consistent and frequent basis. Here we will explain some of the HGH Human Growth Hormone benefits in the body. It is necessary for you to have the building blocks necessary for cellular regeneration. While there are many different components necessary, it is Human Growth Hormone HGH which speeds this process along the most. When cellular regeneration occurs quickly and smoothly, you look and feel great. Your skin takes on a luminous glow, and if you were starting to get tell-tale signs of aging like fine lines or wrinkles, then having a healthy level of HGH will help your skin look younger and smoother. Each of the organs in the body, including the brain, shrinks with age as its cells die off faster than they are replaced. With a healthy level of HGH being produced by your pituitary gland, your organs are able to function as they were meant to and your body’s needs are fully supported. You have plenty of energy and stamina to carry you through your daily activities. Your physique takes on a healthy appearance without too much fat or too little muscle mass. Your immunity is strong, and you are able to resist infections that are airborne or that come from other people in crowded environments. The advantages of adequate growth hormone in the body cannot be overstated, however, all is not lost if you have an HGH deficiency. We have the ability to increase low HGH levels with bioidentical hormone replacement therapy. Injectable HGH is extremely effective in helping restore your health and well-being to the level you most likely had in your twenties when your growth hormone levels were high.

Do I have Low HGH levels?

We hear this scenario all the time. At first it doesn’t occur to you to ask: Do I have low HGH levels? You are feeling rather worn down, and nothing you do seems to make any improvement in the way you feel. Perhaps a family member encourages you to go to your doctor to be sure nothing is terribly wrong. So you finally give in, and go to the doctor. He or she runs the normal blood tests, checks all your vital signs, and eventually all the data is in and you go over the results together. Your doctor gives you a little smile and seems happy to report that nothing is really wrong with you. Then, with a hand on your shoulder, he makes the comment no one wants to hear: “You know –you’re not a kid anymore!” Funny – it wasn’t exactly in your plan to give up living yet. Most of us feel like we still have a lot of living to do. This was supposed to be the prime of our lives or maybe our “Golden Years.” This was why we had been working so hard all those years of our youth, so we could relax a little and enjoy life now.

Not being the sort to give up and taking personal responsibility for our own health and well-being, we go home and hop on the Internet. A little bit of research indicates that this worn down, not-quite-well feeling can be related to low HGH levels. The inability to shake that lingering cold or flu bug, as well as the lack of sex drive and energy, are also related to low HGH levels. So the next logical step is to contact professionals in the field of bioidentical hormone replacement therapy and get tested. It starts with the contact form at the top of this page, or you can move more quickly and pick up the phone and call our toll-free number. One of our clinical specialists will give you all the details and schedule blood tests and physical exams so that we can determine exactly where your HGH levels are and if you have a deficiency. Your laboratory blood test will measure the level of IGF-1 in your blood. IGF-1 is secreted by the liver in response to human growth hormone, and it is a reliable indicator of how much HGH your pituitary gland is producing. You will also be asked to complete the Medical History Form at the top of this page. Your current condition, any symptoms you are experiencing, and your family’s medical history are important factors in our local doctor’s determination of whether you have low HGH levels or not.

Best Brands of HGH Injections

So the results are in – you have low HGH levels – now what? You can be sure that Kingsberg Medical’s doctors will prescribe only the best brands of HGH injections. You do have options, but first a word of caution. Human Growth Hormone has attracted a lot of attention in recent years, and that is both good and bad. Unfortunately, the scammers have tried to take advantage of this hormone’s popularity, and so we add these words of caution. Pills and sprays are not effective; we assure you that they are a complete waste of time and money. Pills must pass through the digestive system, and very little, if any, HGH ever reaches the blood stream. Sprays are intended to be absorbed through the mucous membranes in the mouth, however, the HGH molecules are much too large for this method of delivery and very little, if any, HGH ever reaches the blood stream. Injectable HGH is the only method of delivery where you can be sure of an accurate dosage being correctly delivered to the blood stream. The scammers also try to sell you fake HGH from other countries. Be wary of any offer that seems too good to be true. Be absolutely certain that you obtain HGH Injections from a licensed US pharmacy. HGH is a 191-amino acid chain, and it is the same human growth hormone no matter which brand you buy. However, there are significant differences in the delivery systems between the various brands of HGH, such as Omnitrope, Norditropin, and Genetropin. Some HGH brands require refrigeration and mixing; others do not. Your clinical specialist will discuss the specific details for each brand to determine which is the best for your particular needs.

Doctor Prescribed Injectable Human Growth Hormone

When discussing the benefits of doctor prescribed injectable human growth hormone, it is often seems like this is some miraculous cure-all, but the facts are that HGH is involved in the reproductions of all of the cells in the body. Each and every system is improved by having adequate amounts of HGH in the body. We are not overstating the benefits – that’s just the way it is. If you’re having trouble sleeping, then doctor prescribed injectable human growth hormone can help you sleep more soundly and wake up feeling rested and energetic. The skin in the largest organ of the human body, and having sufficient human growth hormone will make your skin much healthier, more supple, less wrinkled and more toned. Mental functions such as memory, focus and problem-solving abilities are greatly improved by restoring low HGH levels. You will find your overall physique is morphing into better condition as you lose weight without restrictive diets and improve muscle tone without rigorous workouts and exercise. Increased metabolism, healthier heart rate and reduced cholesterol are common advantages when you increase low HGH levels. One of our favorite benefits of increasing low HGH levels with doctor prescribed HGH injections is improved immunity, resistance to colds and flu bugs, faster recovery from illnesses, faster healing of wounds, a greatly enhanced immune system and improved overall general health. All these amazing benefits lead to one really big, but really simple thing … you just feel better.

Reviews from our Patients

Douglas J. in Jersey City NJ called in to say:

I really never dreamed I could feel as good as I do. I didn’t realize I had joints that were aching all the time until they stopped hurting with HGH injections. You all made it so easy. From my first call until the time I received my medications and supplies from the pharmacy was just about a week. That’s amazing! My primary care physician has a 3 week wait for an appointment. I’m really glad I found Kingsberg Medical.

Terry E. in Scottsdale AZ writes:

Before I had my HGH levels tested by the doctors at Kingsberg Medical, I was never really sick, but I was never really healthy either. I always had the sniffles or a lingering cough. If I wasn’t on the edge of having the flu, then I had some injury or joint ache that wouldn’t clear up. I’m just in my 40s so I didn’t think I was old enough to have a bunch of serious health issues. When the doctors tested my HGH levels, they found out that I was actually quite low on human growth hormone. No wonder I wasn’t healing. Since I started taking doctor prescribed HGH Injections, I truly feel like a new man.

Carolyn C. in Orlando FL called in:

For several years now, I’ve dealt with fibromyalgia, even though I’m only 30, I imagine this is what 70 must feel like. I did my research and learned that HGH Injections can be very helpful for people with my illness. I know that the FDA has only approved HGH Injections for adults with a deficiency in growth hormone, so I contacted Kingsberg Medical to have my HGH levels checked. The blood test was schedule at a lab very close to my house, and within a couple of days my clinical specialist had the results. My HGH levels were at the bottom of the range, and I qualified for growth hormone treatment. I don’t know if you can call HGH injections a miracle cure or anything, but I do know that I can do stuff that I couldn’t before. My stress level is more manageable, and I feel much better. I have recommended HGH Therapy to others in my support group. I think it’s wonderful.

Anthony T. in Madison WI writes:

I’ve been hovering around 300 pounds for the last five years, and I was afraid that I might be facing some serious health problems if I didn’t get the weight off. Now I’m a big guy – well over six and half feet tall, but still that’s a lot of weight. I had the Kingsberg doctor test my IGF-1 levels to see where my HGH production was, and it was low enough to qualify me for the therapy. I started taking injectable HGH right after the New Year, and by the time summer rolled around, I was looking good and feeling great. Thanks Doc!

Jerry D. in Norfolk VA writes:

I’m not usually one to talk about my sex drive, but I guess that was because I didn’t have one. I started on HGH injections because a good buddy said it helped a ton with his recovery from an injury. He said he was grateful for the injury because it was the reason he had the blood tests that showed he had a low IGF-1 level. So I went and got checked – sure enough, my level was dirt low. I kinda went on faith that this was a good idea, and I committed for a year’s worth of therapy. Well about 2 or 3 months into the HGH treatment, my wife and I took a vacation. Holy cow – it was like being on our honeymoon. I’m not going to tell you all the details, but it was really nice. Many thanks Kingsberg Medical.

Frequently Asked Questions

Bruce M. in Birmingham AL – How can I get HGH Injection therapy in Alabama?

It’s easy to get HGH injection therapy in Alabama and throughout the US by simply filling in the short contact form at the top of this page. One of our clinical specialists will get in touch with you right away to explain the steps to receive treatment and schedule your appointments with a nearby lab and doctor.

Randy K. in Winston-Salem NC – Are HGH Injections legal?

HGH Injections which come from a licensed FDA regulated pharmacy are legal in the US. Please note that Human growth hormone injections are only available by prescription and our local doctors will prescribe HGH treatment only after verifying that you have a low HGH level with a laboratory blood test, a complete medical history, and physical exam which we can supervise electronically.

Frank B. in Durham NC – How would I find a doctor specializing in HGH treatment?

our local doctors who specialize in HGH treatment will be happy to review your chart to determine if you have a low HGH level. It is important to seek out a doctor, such as ours at Kingsberg Medical, who specialize in hormone replacement therapy. This is a very specialized field of medicine and many time general practitioners do not understand the details of HGH Therapy.

Rebecca L. in Laredo TX – How can I find an HGH clinic in Texas?

The best way to find an HGH clinic in Texas or anywhere else in the US for that matter is to contact Kingsberg Medical. No matter where you are located, we have labs nearby to do the necessary blood tests, and we can supervise your physical exam electronically to be sure that we gather the necessary information. Our local doctors test your HGH levels to see if you qualify for human growth hormone injection therapy.

Brett E. in Lubbock TX – Is the HGH hormone for weight loss effective?

Since the HGH hormone therapy works to restore overall health and balance to the body, starting with the very basic aspect of cellular regeneration, we find that most people lose excess weight and begin to restore lean muscle mass which may have been lost due to illness, injury, or simple because of being a couch potato. We understand completely that when you have no energy or stamina, it is nearly impossible to workout, exercise, or even just go for a walk to maintain your state of good health.

Scott J. in Baton Rouge LA – How can I get a doctor to test my HGH IGF-1 level?

We measure your IGF-1 level by taking a blood test at a lab near your home or office. Our clinical specialist will be happy to arrange this for you. Your IGF-1 level is an indicator of how much growth hormone is being produced by your pituitary gland. Our local doctors who test HGH levels will review this information along with your completed medical history form, and your physical exam, which can be done by a doctor in your city and supervised electronically by our local doctors.

Joyce B. in Chula Vista CA – What is the best HGH available?

Basically, human growth hormone is a 191-amino acid chain, and as long as it is accurately produced by a reputable US lab, one is not better than another. The best brands, however, do differ significantly in their delivery system and the ways in which they can be used. Some require mixing before they can be used; some do not. Some require refrigeration before or after being reconstituted; some do not. The level of convenience involved in the delivery system is also reflected in the cost of the various brands. Your personal clinical specialist here at Kingsberg Medical will be happy to go over all the various options for you to be absolutely certain that you get the best brand of HGH injections which fits your specific needs and situation.

Raymond S. in Chesapeake VA – Are HGH Injections safe?

When obtained from a licensed US pharmacy, you can be sure that your HGH injections are safe. You must be evaluated by a doctor who specializes in HGH therapy to be certain you have a low HGH level and that you received the correct HGH dosage program.

Roger G. in Las Vegas NV –Where can I find IGF-1 test clinics or doctors?

Start with the form at the top of this page to contact one of our clinical specialists, or simply give us a call at the toll-free number listed above. We will be happy to schedule laboratory tests and physical exams so that our local doctors can test your HGH levels and see if you have a low HGH level. Our clinic and doctors can help increase your low HGH level right there in Las Vega NV.

Pete C. in Gilbert AZ – How can I get an HGH Injections prescription?

It starts with three necessary items: complete the Medical History Form so that our local doctors can evaluate your current symptoms and any risk factors; have a physical exam, which we will supervise electronically, so that our local doctors can see your current vital signs and get a clear picture of current status; and get a laboratory blood test for specific values which our local doctors need to determine if you have a low HGH level. They will also use this information to evaluate the possibility of any risk factors before issuing an HGH Injections prescription.

Patrick M. in Garland TX – Do you have doctors who prescribe HGH Injections?

Yes, Patrick, we do have doctors who prescribe HGH Injections. It necessary to follow a specific procedure to be evaluated for low HGH levels before the doctor will prescribe HGH injection therapy. The steps will be explained by one of our clinical specialists. Complete the contact form at the top of this page to get started.

Keith T. in Reno NV – What is the best growth hormone on the market?

As long as you are careful to avoid any growth hormone produced in other countries, and do not consider any delivery system other than injections, you can be sure of receiving high quality effective medication. The various brands differ in convenience features and ease of use, which is reflected in their respective costs. The best growth hormone on the market is the one that suits your particular needs.

Lawrence R. in Hialeah FL – What is the average cost of HGH therapy?

It is impossible to determine an average cost of HGH Therapy without first evaluating your particular situation. Your HGH therapy program will be individually tailored to your specific needs and will be based on your weight, height, and the level of your deficiency.

Wayne B. in Arlington VA – How do I find a doctor who can test my HGH levels?

Simply start with the form at the top of this page to contact Kingsberg Medical, and one of our local doctors will be happy to review your completed chart to determine if you low HGH levels. We are conveniently located and available to help you no matter where you live in the US.

Danny J. in Irvine CA – Can you get HGH legally in California?

Yes, you can get HGH legally in California. The important thing to remember is to avoid HGH produced in other countries. Those countries do not have the quality controls which we have here thanks to FDA supervision. Any website or clinic which offers your HGH therapy without a prescription is not operating legally. HGH injections are only available by doctor’s prescription.

Alan E. in Rochester NY – Do growth hormone secretagogues work?

The one HGH secretagogue called Sermorelin is an injectable medication available by prescription. It is very effective in causing the pituitary gland to secrete human growth hormone on its own. Our local doctors prescribe Sermorelin in combination with GHRP-6 which causes the hypothalamus to regulate the pituitary gland’s production of HGH and produce natural waves of release. Speak to your clinical specialist if you would like more information about Sermorelin. Please be aware that other supplements which claim to growth hormone secretagogues have not been proven to be effective. In our experience, they are simply a waste of time and money.

Gerald J. in Akron OH– I’d like to get government approved injectable best HGH brands in USA?

Then you have come to the right place. Our local doctors prescribe only government approved injectable best HGH brands which are produced in the USA. Our pharmacy operates right here in the USA and is fully licensed and in complete compliance with FDA regulations.

Christine H. in Boise City ID – Where can you get real HGH?

The most important point in knowing where can you get real HGH is to be absolutely certain to only deal with a US medical clinic and US doctors who specialize in and treat human growth hormone deficiencies. Never deal with a website, pharmacy or clinic which offers HGH produced in other countries. There is absolutely no way to sure of what you are actually getting in those HGH vials. We have seen reports of HGH produced in foreign countries being tested and containing everything from an inert and potentially harmless ground up vitamin, to medication which was tainted with rat poison. Never take chances with your health.

Cathy H. in Irving TX – How can I find bioidentical hormone replacement therapy clinics in Texas.

We suggest that you begin with the form at the top of this page and contact one of our clinical specialists. He or she can direct you to the nearest laboratory for blood tests and also arrange for a physical exam near your home or office. Our local doctors will be happy to review this information, along with your Medical History Form, to determine if you have a low HGH Level.

Rick B. in Fremont CA – What is the best HGH available?

The best HGH available is the one that fits your need. Since human growth hormone is always going to be a 191-amino acid change, there can be no variation in the actually medication itself. There are significant differences in the delivery systems and the convenience of those systems. Please talk to your clinical specialist to determine the right system to meet your needs.

Carl T. in Richmond VA – How can I find a doctor who can prescribe injectable HGH?

This is the place to start. Once you have completed your Medical History form and blood test and physical, our local doctor who specialize in HGH injections will review your chart to see if you have a low HGH level.

We are here to help. The doctors and clinical specialists at Kingsberg Medical are qualified to evaluate your test results and determine if you have a low HGH level. All you need to do is give us a call toll-free at 877-321-8885, or fill in the quick contact form at the top of this page. Thank you!